Denon AVR-S700W AV-receiver

Not only do these receivers usually have Bluetooth and Wifi but in addition they offer a lot of room for growth while keeping newbie-friendliness with sufficient levels of straightforward front and contemporary interfaces panels. However, the Denon AVR-S700W needs to turn that fact by cramming all of the very best essentials folks look for in a simple receiver and smack on a $449 price tag. However, the truth is, folks will still find yourself wondering if they need to spend on a tested and tried receiver such as the Denon AVR-X1100W or settle with whatever this fascinating receiver offers.


If there is $449 receiver that is totally designed, the AVR-S700W would need to be it. It weighs in regards to the important things, a great 19 pounds as well as the front panel is straightforward yet complete. The awesome thing is you could give a unique sound preset to each button which means you do not have to alter presets when changing sources. The Quick Select that was past may be linked to an internet source. Additionally it is rather distinctive to see buttons that are committed to modify the audio way right on the leading panel. The most effective thing in regards to the very front of the Denon AVR-S700W is the existence of an HDMI interface and a USB port. The considerably more affordable Denon AVR- the irritation can immediately be recognized once you've got no option however to hook up mobile gadgets to the rear of the receiver and maybe unplug a cable along with S500BT lacks the HDMI interface.

But unlike the AVR-S500BT the AVR-S700W, features 5 more HDMI interfaces to get a cozy total of 6 HDMI interfaces. Even though the Denon AVR-S700W is the central kid of the S series, it's still portion of the entry level course so do not anticipate things like component input signals. There are several AV composite input signals plus a set of single coaxial and visual input signals.


It was amazing to see Denon's whole 2014 lineup of AVRX receivers all being equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi but it's much more astonishing for the AVR-S700W to get the exact same radio receiver treatment. The Denon AVR-S700W since the antennas are part of the receiver does not come with any additional accessories or dongles. An Ethernet interface are available on the rear too in the event you would rather the fast strategy that was wired. WiFi is an excellent attribute to get since the receiver can get streaming services alone like Pandora SiriusXM and Spotify Connect.

For streaming that is local, Wifi is much superior than Bluetooth as you have the variety that is higher given by your Wifi router. There's in addition where it is possible to touch away to alter settings and run commands the Denon Remote program for iOS Android and Kindle which offers a good GUI for the receiver on cellular devices. If this is not enough, there's still Bluetooth to cater to the apparatus that do not have Wifi but still have Bluetooth.

The truth that the AVR-S700W supports HDMI 2.0 additionally makes this receiver a fantastic long term investment on the cheap. It's possible for you to update your TV, Blu-ray player and future gaming consoles understanding that you can find specific HDMI 2.0 interfaces that can adapt them.


The cost cutting is evident when you begin assessing the operation of the Denon AVR-S700W. On the upside, this can be the most economical 2014 Denon receiver that's the technologies of Audyssey. The Denon AVR-S700W Dynamic EQ characteristics that are discovered in the Silver package and gets the Bronze package, which is not so poor as it has the Dynamic Volume. These characteristics improve the dialog that is sound and keeps an optimum listening amount at lower volumes. The key star of the Audyssey Bronze bundle is the MultEQ, which can be a well-known calibration option that uses DSP correction filters to decide on the settings that are correct for almost any kind of loudspeaker linked. For those who really have an unusual size room, your system might gain more from the Audyssey Silver within entry level AVRX versions.

Bottom Line

Step up to the AVR-X1100W in case you believe you will want additional breathing room as time goes on.

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