Denon AVR-X3100W AV-receiver

Denon's AVR-X2100W is an excellent example because it's more than enough features for the normal film fan including Wi-Fi 8 HDMI interfaces and Bluetooth streaming and multi- room. The reality that these receivers that are affordable are not really so bad and futureproof make it a bit catchy for all these businesses to market their higher-end products. But Denon, like other brands that are large, have enthusiasts.


Highend AV receivers are famous for his or her complex front panels but the AVR-X3100W however keeps the appearance straightforward. Everything is observable with sliding panels or no doors so that you can readily toggle and change to the Zone 2 or plug in apparatus that are mobile as you please. You'll find four specific buttons which are each called "Quick Select" and in case you followed the labeled links in the rear, it is possible to change straight to your own cable box, Bluray player, media player or internet source by shoving the accompanying Quick Select button. Each button may be put to a different source in the event that multiple gaming consoles have been said by you and you'll probably link specific sound settings to every source so you do not have to fiddle with presets as you change sources.

The remaining portion of the connection interfaces are not dissimilar to that which you'd get using the AVR-X2100W but the AVR-X3100W does feature RS232C, Trip Out and remote control interfaces for custom setup.


The Denon AVR-X3100W provides the same built in networking features as the other versions. It's possible for you to connect to your wireless router when you turn on it and you do not have to join a different wireless dongle like the previous generation versions. WiFi enables the receiver from popular music streaming services including Spotify, SiriusXM and Pandora. It will not rely on a cellular device making the stream quality that is higher and direct. But having iPod Touch or an Android smartphone/tablet PC or iPhone, iPad can nevertheless improve the entire experience. The AVR-X3100W functions using the Denon Remote Program which gives the cellular apparatus with a good GUI of the receiver. It's possible for you to customize your home display with the addition of favourite shortcuts to choices and sources and handle playlists zones. Controlling the receiver in this way is a lot more enjoyable than using the remote as well as the program was upgraded to not appear bad on tablet computers also.

It has built in Bluetooth opening up the wireless streaming options to attribute MP3 players and cellphones even though the range is bound.

The AVR-X3100W comes equipped with complete 4K support in all its HDMI interfaces. Having an additional HDMI output signal present on the rear of the receiver, it is possible to put in another TV or projector and pass content that is distinct to that particular screen.


It continues to be a dependable method to optimize the operation of every loudspeaker irrespective of the placement of every loudspeaker is or form or the size of the area. Should you be always annoyed with all the regular jumps in volume coming from distinct sources or routes you may even turn about the Audyssey Dynamic Quantity attribute. In case you want hearing all of the information on the sound at lower quantities, Audyssey Dynamic EQ can be turned on by you at the same time. You're free to put in a subwoofer that is second to enhance the bass response.

DTS Neo:X support is just another fine feature exclusive to the AVR-X3100W more and complex versions that are Denon. This opens up front broad loudspeakers which clearly enhance the sound experience of the most recent films or the chance for front height. Audyssey DSX and Dolby Pro Logic IIz function as alternative choices in order to test and see what's most beneficial for enlarging the front soundstage.

As the AVR-X3100W has 4K upscaling, you'll be treated to quality visuals that are top when viewing regular Blu ray and DVD formats.

Bottom Line

The AVR-X3100W prices $999 making a fairly large $400 opening between the AVR-X2100W as well as this receiver. Thus , you only ought to get this receiver in the event that you wish to benefit from DTS Neo:X or you should supply more electricity to more advanced 5.1 or 7.1-channel organizations.

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