Yamaha RX-A3030 AV-receiver

Yamaha has consistently placed the Yamaha RX-A3XXX string as the main version of the RX family of the Yamaha RX-A3030 as well as Yamaha AVENTAGE AV receivers continues that tradition. While the RX-A3030 is not just the most expensive and complex AVENTAGE receiver, it's the one that lots of enthusiasts will check out if they've about $2,200 to save and need a Yamaha-branded 9.2-station receiver. Obviously, those that possess RX-A3020 or RX-A2020 should not trouble updating because those high end receivers are meant to continue for many years. The newest Yamaha RX-A3030 without shifting the cost comes with one important change and another minor change.


Besides the label, there are not any physical changes involving the RX-A3030 last year's and RX-A3020. However, the aluminum finish on the smooth black look on the top piece as well as the bottom section of the receiver does not make this receiver seem old by any stretch. It mimics the look of main versions that are typical where all interfaces and the buttons are concealed beneath this big brushed aluminum door that turns down.

The controls do not need to not be inaccessible anyhow since there are multiple ways in controlling. However there might be times when you should hook up an apparatus that is mobile to the very front of the receiver as well as the Yamaha RX-A3030, such as another top AVENTAGE versions, offer the main interfaces including composite interfaces and the optical digital input signal. The front USB and HDMI interfaces are readily available for direct content streaming and can handle charging apparatus that are supported also.

The rear of the RX-A3030 is neatly arranged into rows so that you can readily see places such as the group of 7 HDMI input signals and 2 HDMI outputs in addition to the 6 S-Video interfaces. So that it is possible to immediately determine the best way to set up multiple zones the loudspeaker interfaces are tagged.

Yamaha considered the layout of the Yamaha RX-A3030 as well as other high end versions that were AVENTAGE into heavier thought so that you can help improve the audio quality. Dampening the shakings is an excellent way of preventing sound degradation and prolonging the life span of the receiver.

But due to improved surround sound processing and the somewhat higher rated output power, the RX-A3030 ends up while keeping the same physical measurements, being close to 2 along with a half pounds heftier.


Several other versions that are AVENTAGE score this transition but the ultra- performing ES9016 SABRE32 DAC is exclusive to the version plus it offers nominal distortion to an even higher dynamic range. The consequence is the most noticeable when you're playing with a film using the full loudspeaker set up at which you are able to actually hear how precise the surround sound effects are. Do not forget too that like its forerunner, you can link outside amps to enlarge the support to 11.2 channels.

The third and 2nd zone may be powered through the internal amps or you also can definitely opt through the pre-outs for outside amps.

With a lot of set up chances, the Yamaha RX-A3030 wants an innovative loudspeaker calibration system completely and so the receiver can understand bring the loudspeaker layout out to its complete potential. The strategy of Yamaha is the YPAO Reflected Audio Optimization system with Reflected Audio Control. It works just like the other versions that are AVENTAGE but it takes multi-point measurement under consideration along with loudspeaker angle measurements to produce results that are optimized.

This can charge the apparatus and enable high quality 1080p playback as well as multi-channel sound. The remaining HDMI ports support 4K pass or Ultra High Definition - through so the receiver is set once you eventually introduce a 4K screen to your own home entertainment system and upscaling.

The AV Controller Program stays as a remote control option that is invaluable as it uses your device's display as a touchscreen and it can be customized by you.

Bottom Line

The RX-A3020 was an impressive AV receiver for $2,199 and would have year this been a fantastic time to reduce folks can find out what a main receiver actually is. the cost so more Some shops have really cut the cost down but Yamaha needs to change the focus to the RX-A3030 due to the developments that were welcome.

Yamaha RX-A3030 AV-receiver photo