Yamaha RX-V477 AV-receiver

Yamaha has definitely made that might seem difficult to believe considering all of the big brands which are now dominating the group and its presence felt in the home theatre receiver marketplace. But do not forget that there's a group of AV receivers that are exceptionally affordable also for individuals that do not want the high-wattage and large number of connections but want the improvements that are audio. Yamaha makes some excellent midrange and high end receivers but their primary power is definitely the entry level ones. This 2014, the line starts with the Yamaha RX-V377 version which has an appealing cost of $299 but is not the best pick for someone looking without the need to possess any added parts that may have that functionality for networking abilities. That is the place where the Yamaha RX-V477 includes a reasonably meaty $150 premium and comes in. But on a more comprehensive view, the RX-V477 might be a reasonable buy for lots of men and women and is still fairly inexpensive.


The Yamaha RX-V477 was created when it comes to stuff like other home theatre receivers but it's Yamaha's preferable layout that offers a small unique identity to this receiver. The front panel is split into two sections using the top piece showing off one row of ring-shaped buttons that represent common receiver functions as well as the information screen.

Below this section that is black is more of a brushed aluminum finish using a group of 4 buttons that are PICTURE currently choosing the center stage. Along with this, you can even put a DSP mode to every button so the proper audio optimizations are additionally applied by changing to your source by means of a PICTURE button. Moving down farther is less unusual AV receiver controls such as the input signal selection buttons. The master volume is controlled by the single knob accessible.

Those which failed to go for last year's Yamaha RX-V475 version or strategy on updating from a much more affordable AV receiver is going to be in for a nice surprise - the RX-V477 features one more HDMI interface bringing the total to 1 HDMI output signal and 6 HDMI inputs. There's just 1 optical digital sound input signal while the remaining interfaces that are most popular stay present in a somewhat different organization.


The Virtual THEATER FRONT removes that demand while closely maintaining the exact same results. This lets you place each of the loudspeakers on the front so that you get the set up and space edges of a bar that is sound. The truth is, some of the sound bars of Yamaha have this technology at the same time.

Regardless of exactly what the loudspeaker organization is, it is possible to optimize the caliber of every loudspeaker through using Yamaha's YPAO Sound Optimization attribute. As with other receiver calibration techniques, you plug it in and simply put the included mic on the listening region that is favorite. The calibration procedure just requires a couple of minutes and you also will not have to do it until you need to alter the organization.

The same as the last version, the RX-V477 provides without changing the operation of the front loudspeakers, a Subwoofer Cut Control to improve the low frequencies. But the Yamaha RX-V477 just takes this a step farther by equipping the receiver using a low-range improvement technology at the same time.

The Yamaha RX-V477 is the most affordable 2014 receiver version that provides networking of Yamaha. The HTC Connect attribute can be used by hTC smartphone users instead. Android or any iOS -powered tablet PC and smartphone may download the AV Controller Program therefore it could remotely control many other areas of the RX-V477. Which means you've got a lot of control on the sound field, it comes in Fundamental and Advanced modes. The receiver also has some built in programs including Spotify and Pandora in order to appreciate Internet without relying on a mobile apparatus streaming. The sole condition to love these characteristics that are networking will be to link the receiver to your wireless router using an Ethernet cable. There's absolutely no onboard Wifi or Bluetooth. It will support the YBA- in case you need this attribute 11 Bluetooth accessory.

Ultra 4K screens and other home entertainment components that use the 4K standard can hook as much as the Yamaha RX-V477 without any problems.

Bottom Line

While the dearth of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is a little disappointing given the similarly priced rivals offering these attributes, the RX-V477 is one of the top sub-$500 receivers to get. It makes any simple 5.1-channel sound system sound amazing and it's easy to configure and set up. Plus, Yamaha managed to include new features without making the receiver more expensive compared to prior model when it first launched.

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