The Neo 1 v2s are available in either Black Ash or the Vermont Walnut of these examples. They measure 357x182x231mm and those braced MDF cabinets weigh in at 6kg. The drivers are a 25mm Neodymium Ring Radiator for the treble, and a 130mm pressed alloy cone, with a Neodymium magnet for the bass/mid driver. Behind is a reflex port and one set of binding posts.


Starting off with the Van Cliburn recording, and I was presented with the most cohesive and balanced rendition of the music so far. I was impressed with the smoothness of the sound; upper notes of the piano, and the entirety of the violins, came forth in a calm and almost reserved manner, which showed off their textures. This extended right across the sound of the orchestra allowing me to choose where I focused my attention, rather than feeling that I was being directed to certain parts, as I had been previously. In the bass, cellos were deep and well shaped, having a certain agility that had been missing up to this point.

The Mamas and the Papas proved an altogether more interesting experience. The smoother tonal balance allowed more detail through, and the recording seemed to acquire a more structured sound. Previously hidden aspects, such as Michelle's vocals were revealed. Denny Doherty's voice had more body, too. The only negative that I could find was a slight tendency to show a little too much forwardness at the extreme high frequencies around cymbals and tambourines.

'Big Calm' was an enjoyable listening experience, bass being quite sprightly, loping along through the track 'Friction', propelling the sounds in an unflustered but seemingly precise manner. Skye's vocals had more of the sensation of a three dimensional human body behind them, subtle details in the sound being more openly displayed. So despite being only single wirable, the AE's seemed to match anything that the other competitors so far could manage biwired, and retained an engaging musicality throughout the proceedings that I found most enjoyable.

ACOUSTIC ENERGY AEGIS NEO ONE v2 Bookshelf speakers photo