Yamaha RX-A3040 AV-receiver

Main home entertainment receivers aren't everyone's cup of tea. Should you take a look at the merchandise line and head to the maker's web site, you may be able to find something much more affordable while still meeting your needs. Yamaha definitely has a main model under the AVENTAGE brand known as the Yamaha RX-A3040 but there are some other versions together with the AVENTAGE label also.


With this much power packed into this receiver, the RX-A3040 is immense weighing 40 pounds. Even though it's slightly lighter than its forerunner, it pretty much uses precisely the same exclusive components which you will not find in any non-main receiver that is AVENTAGE. The cross frame heat sink that is twin has a double bottom for additional durability. This degree of rigidness removes those modest oscillations resulting to the very best audio quality possible.

Some small changes were made by Yamaha to the front and also the back of the RX-A3040. In case you plan to link any parts using an optical cable, as there is not any longer an optical input on the front you have to connect them at the back. MHL, complex input signals and the USB port -empowered HDMI port remain those matter more and accessible though. Above these interfaces is all kinds of buttons to utilize for controlling a zone or choosing inputs. In the event you still rely on the old S Video interface, you should go for the older RX-A3030 model because Yamaha removed all traces of the port from the Yamaha RX-A3040. So you simply have 3 Yamaha also took away a single pair of component inputs. The 7 HDMI input signals should cancel that loss since these would be the ports you are going to utilize to hook up your 4K-supported parts.


The RX-A3040 is a 9.2-channel receiver but it doesn't automatically mean that you should just get this if you've a long term aim of setting up multiple zones. Even if you have a 7.1-channel setup, you'll value that true cinematic experience that high end receivers go close to delivering. It's a lot more noticeable if you're playing with a recent picture just like the Blu ray version of Edge of Tomorrow since these pictures come with DTS-HD Master Audio. A suitable speaker setup with all the Yamaha RX-A3040 should produce an extremely wide soundstage with dynamic sounds that'll really allow you to feel as if you are in the picture. This progress is due to the higher rated output power of 150 watts per channel and more powerful ESS Technology ES9016 Sabre 32-bit Ultra DAC. This DAC is more advanced than the ES9006 24-bit DAC seen in the more affordable RX-A2040.

Things can get quite complicated when creating a large or little surround system with regards to the shape and size of the area. With all the RX-A3040 mainly targeting hardcore enthusiasts and audiophiles, these folks ought to know the best way to correctly set up and optimize each speaker. Unlike non-flagship Yamaha receivers, this YPAO technology comes with 3 Multipoint, D and angle measurement in addition to the Reflected Sound Control. You possess the option to implement some tweaks like Subwoofer Trimming, YPAO Volume and Virtual Dialogue Lift to improve the sound imaging and overall audio quality at lower quantities. Playing FLAC files is a rewarding experience too as the high resolution music enhancer dramatically enhances the musicality of the sound.

Having this kind of robust receiver means that you can do wonders should you've got more than 5 speakers that are connected. As a result, 9.2-channel set ups with CINEMA DSP HD3 actually sound great with this receiver. This also opens up 11.2-channel preout support which is something the RX-A2040 lacks. Addititionally there is the Virtual CINEMA FRONT choice that is simpler should you like lining up your speakers and facing them all towards you while delivering surround-sound experience.

All of the features of the RX-A3040 mentioned so far aren't old but this receiver boasts several key add-ons that make it feel more complete. After updating the receiver's firmware, in addition you have the Dolby Atmos alternative which shoves surround sound to another level. It has demands that were steep as you need ceiling loudspeakers but once set up,the soundstage developments can instantly be felt.

Built in Wi Fi was among the major features missing in the whole 2014 Yamaha AVENTAGE lineup. The Yamaha RX-A3040 also you may set it up in two ways and is prepared for your wireless needs. The very first way involves your router which will act as the hub for many of your home apparatus like the receiver. You can stream music from a iOS or Android apparatus with ease thanks to AirPlay and HTC Link support or you also can use the free AV Controller Program which extends the compatibility and lets these mobile apparatus configure or command the receiver remotely too. Considering that the receiver may use the Internet connection of the router, you can also let the receiver stream from services like Rhapsody, Spotify, vTuner and much more. The second way to work with the Wi-Fi takes away the online streaming alternative but it also does not involve the router. The RX-A3040 becomes the wireless hotspot enabling mobile devices so you can issue remote commands or direct local streaming to connect to the receiver.

All of the HDMI ports to the Yamaha RX-A3040 are HDMI 2.0 ready so you can appreciate 4K content at 50/60p with the appropriate color optimizations.

Bottom Line

The RX-A3040 is priced at $2,199 which is about $500 more than the RX-A2040.

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