Yamaha RX-A840 AV-receiver

A home theatre receiver does not get replaced quite frequently due to versatile abilities and its high price tags so it's important that you get something -compatible. In preceding years, you'd need to spend more than $1,000 to actually make that newer home one feel out-of-date isn't made by theater receivers do not. At present, spending that sum is just useful in the event you want studio-level audio quality and lots of expandability. It's possible for you to get away with spending a smaller quantity of money in case you get an entry level version pronounced just lately such as the Yamaha RX-A840.


Yamaha did not need to mend what was not broken so the layout of the RX-A840 is not any different from the version of last year. Build quality is not false to the AVENTAGE lineup using a brushed aluminum underside half including picture buttons, the knobs along with a door concealing all the front connection ports and a few buttons. These interfaces range from USB port, the telephones jack, composite video aux interfaces, an MHL-empowered HDMI input signal as well as a jack for the calibration mic.

The shiny black top part of the receiver features the rest of information screen and the buttons. Unlike the prior version, now you can locate a "Wifi Certified" emblem symbolizing among the greatest additions to the Yamaha RX-A840. That new accession marginally affected the layout of connection interfaces on the rear of the receiver. You can find still 2 HDMI outputs and 7 HDMI inputs on the rear making it a fairly major jump from the more affordable RX-A740. Additionally exclusive to the RX-A840 and higher-end receivers is the RS232c interface for custom setup.

It essentially takes the type of a wedge put on the middle to help make the receiver more secure on a level surface. Transistors are dampened and any oscillations usually a result of the energy transformer and keep the audio quality best.


The RX-A840 network abilities are offered by in the event you connect it to your router using an Ethernet cable. Using the additional Wifi functionality, you'll be able to eventually appreciate a simpler networking procedure whole with WPS support. It does not stop there as the Wifi also opens up a function that you could not do with Ethernet-dependent models. After turning on the attribute, it is possible to join the receiver enabling one to still use the AV Control Program and tablet computers and smartphones. It's possible for you to get this program from iOS App Store or the Google Play free of charge and use it to control almost all areas of the receiver. That same program will even let you stream any music saved in the mobile device. The RX-A840 does not have Bluetooth leaving older apparatus out of the equation that is wireless but Bluetooth streaming, thanks to the Wireless Direct should not be needed for most individuals.

Having a wireless router helps though as it allows the Yamaha RX-A840 accessibility to the World Wide Web. HTC Link and airPlay are also onboard opening up direct streaming abilities that are simple to the latest HTC apparatus as well as Apple products. DLNA certification makes it straightforward to stream to the receiver for Windows computers also. New to the RX-A840 is support for gapless playback and Apple Lossless sound playback.

But, the RX-A840 offers more than only marginally better audio quality and extra connectivity options. The RX-A840 also offers YPAO calibration system that is somewhat better. Multipoint measurement makes it possible. You possess YPAO Volume is used by the alternative in case you must create the audio sound clearer without the requirement for raising the volume.

The sound functionality of the Yamaha RX-A840 is much just like the RX-A830 but if you did not go for A830, you'll value the Extra Bass feature which can add some additional electricity - range if you do not have loudspeakers that are strong. This new feature works pretty well using the Subwoofer Cut Control. Pricier Yamaha receivers in AVENTAGE lineup are certainly more powerful, however there's still plenty regarding the RX-A840 for those who have a 5.1-channel or 7.1-channel set up. It's possible for you to fix the DSP parameters produce a virtual surround sound surroundings Virtual FILM FRONT even in the event you do not have real loudspeakers behind you or to improve specific kinds of music. The Intelligent Amp Layout allows you to include a 2-channel speaker system to a different room.

Bottom Line

2015 is ultimately the year to buy home theatre receiver if you're on a budget that is pretty tight. $900 is the best cost for the Yamaha RX-A840 and can fit into any 4K set up of the long run.

Yamaha RX-A840 AV-receiver photo