Yamaha RX-A740 AV-receiver

Home theatre receivers are today as high powered sound bars make an effort to replace a whole lot of isolated loudspeakers and them. The receivers have also gotten to a tipping point leaving little room for significant progress but the receivers in the entry level class constantly have powerful potential to grow and remain affordable.


Besides the repositioned Ethernet jack, the additional wireless module for the antenna is the greatest jump ahead in the RX- series that is A7XX.

There's one row of buttons tied to the typical home theatre receiver functions such as the preset tuning and zone controls. The four picture buttons located below the top row of buttons create a recovery as well offering a convenient and fast method to change into a particular source such as the Blu-Ray player and use the DSP setting tied to the button at one time. Each scene button can be configured by you for your liking. The input signal select dial may be a source choice choice in case you favor that tactic that is conventional. Next to the HDMI interface that is front is USB port and a typical video jack for iPods as well as other Apple apparatus that are old.

Yamaha additionally continues its usage of the Anti-Resonance Technology (A.R.T.). That is Yamaha's take on dampening the vibrations by setting a foot that is fifth on the middle of the foundation of the receiver. Reducing the shakings help prevent the audio quality.


The RX-A740 gets the exact networking support that is same as another AVENTAGE versions that are new so those expecting for hassle-free music streaming need to be concerned about price points. Just like tablet PC a notebook or smartphone, the Yamaha RX-A740 can link to your wireless router. After linked, several additional functions are opened up by the receiver. In case the router has use of the Web, you are able to have the receiver directly stream media from several top sound streaming services including Pandora Spotify, Rhapsody, vTuner and SiriusXM. The RX-A740 may also get various file formats kept in other computers in the exact same local area network. It does not have any trouble getting other NAS devices as well as Windows computers. The AirPlay support protects the Apple side by enabling computers running iTunes or some Apple hardware that is modern to easily stream music whole using the album art along with other metadata. HTC apparatus uses its own HTC Connect protocol for the Yamaha RX-A740 and wireless streaming supports that too. In the event that you need quicker speeds like previous versions, you possess the choice to make use of the Ethernet interface for networking.

As with most modern AV receivers today, the RX-A740 can use remotely through the AV Controller Program. Nearly everything could be configured to the zone direction in the program's intuitive interface in the essential loudspeaker settings. The fantastic thing relating to this characteristic is the program does not depend on a router. The Yamaha RX-A740 has a unique style called Wireless Direct that enables a mobile device to link straight to the receiver. You will not be able to use the Internet streaming characteristics but music can broadcast to the receiver using the Music Play attribute and you can use the remainder of the program for remote control goals.

In the event you are an early adopter of 4K screens, the Yamaha RX-A740 will function nicely with them so everything seems better about the TV and you can upscale present 1080p content.

Among the benefits of purchasing a bar that is sound is listening place that is clean and the straightforward set up. But it is possible to still set every one of the speakers close to your television and have them face the sofa in case you want a clean family area. By activating the Virtual THEATER FRONT attribute, these front-facing speakers can give quite a convincing surround sound experience. You can also enlarge the sound field through using CINEMA DSP 3D. You can enhance the sound of vocals in music videos, films and TV shows with the Dialogue Raise and Dialogue Amount Correction attribute in case you do not have any existence loudspeakers. Loudspeakers that are little may reap the benefits of the Yamaha RX-A740 too.

YPAO does the rest by correcting early reflections and calibrating the sound parameters when you placed the mic to the specified listening place. YPAO also offers a unique technology that adds the EQ setting to make the audio seem clear even when the volume level is low and loudness.

Bottom Line

With all AVENTAGE versions now built with Wifi and 4K abilities that are complete, deciding on an AV receiver in the Yamaha family is more easy than ever before. In the event you're confident you will not go beyond 90 watts per channel and 6 HDMI input signals and 2 zones, the RX-A740 is a pick that is great and it'll just set you back $700.

Yamaha RX-A740 AV-receiver photo