Mordaunt-Short Aviano 1 XR Bookshelf speakers

The Aviano 1 XR of Mordaunt Short is a two way loudspeaker that uses a reflex interface to load the woofer unit.

Mordaunt Short say that the driver units rolls off faster, supplying less overlap between the midrange and tweeter, improving off-axis response. The Aviano's are in a position to restrict lower frequencies that interfere with the tweeter, giving them a greater power handling and reduced distortion, and this allows the Aviano 1 XRs to play louder with great accuracy.

The Aviano 1 XRs are a fairly small size: 275mm high, 179mm wide, 267mm deep and weigh 5kg. They're modest stand mounters in effect. They have a 130mm aluminium woofer plus a 25mm aluminium tweeter.

The Aviano 1 XR's drive unit uses Mordaunt Short's unique CPC (Continuous Profile Cone) technology, they say.


The Aviano 1 XRs for their size pack surprisingly deep bass but at the same time it isn't over-loaded by excessive weight.

Bass guitar on Sade's 'Your Love Is King' is clean and clear but does not offer as much upper-bass delivery when compared with the Usher S520 or the KEF Q300s.

Their midrange projected out with great detail, so vocals sat nicely in the middle of the soundstage, giving a clear and solid existence to Adele and Sade.

Levels of colouration were this is not a rough yet clear sounding loudspeaker.

Treble rendering was both even and silky smooth. Grace Jones' 'Slave to the Rhythm' provided hi hats with smoothness that literally glowed from these speakers.

The Aviano 1 XR's soundstage lacks space, but this adds to their overall control and concentrated sound, which is no way lacked.

The Avianos create a confident sound that really stands out from the entire bunch. Despite their small size, they have even delivery bass having a balanced awareness of power kept under control that is great, across all elements of the sound spectrum. This loudspeaker's sound stood out more than its conservative look would imply.

Mordaunt-Short Aviano 1 XR Bookshelf speakers photo