Castle Knight 2 Bookshelf speakers

Castle assert they achieve superb high-frequency operation with all the Knight 2s due to a 25mm 'soft-dome' tweeter creating an exact and managed sound in comparison to the utilization of metal domes.

The Knight 2s are fitted gold plated bi-wire terminals taking both 4mm plugs and bare cable.

The cabinets are assembled from hand-finished loaded, real-wood veneers accessible eight finishes. But glossy looked classy and in finish.


Fortress are not wrong when saying they attain brilliant high-frequency performance.

The treble is undoubtedly fronted using a brightness that was apparent. When listening to Sade's 'Smooth Operator' the treble sits in front of the soundstage, delivering high hats that are tight and powerful. In amount treble detail is similar to the KEF Q300s but the Knight 2s push the high-end further forward, developing a strong high end atmosphere.

Kickdrum and bass guitar in 'Rumor Has It' seemed to lack heat and force,, when set from a wall. However the low and upper bass clean and still proves, including a sense of depth to their soundstage. However, close-wall placement lifted low bass, making them both tight and punchy.

The Knight 2s produce vocals with clarity and detail, clearly heard in Adele's and both Sade's performances.

When listening to Santana's 'Africa Bamba', the vibrant electric guitar affirms comprehensive midrange and glistening treble.

The Knight 2s have a simple restraint , yet are also detailed without treble being overly dominant. The low end slips out of focus unless these loudspeakers are placed close to a rear wall, their bass is so high. But then at frequencies that are low they perform like no other.

Castle Knight 2 Bookshelf speakers photo