Monitor Audio Silver RX2 Bookshelf speakers

Monitor Audio's Silver RX2 is a two way loudspeaker fitted with attractive metal coned drive units. They have been designed with rear positioned HiVe II port technology that offers a better transient response, bass Monitor Audio that is tightening say.

The Silver RX2's C-CAM 8in bass/mid driver cone is larger than most in our group. The RST cone includes radial surface dimples, which mother's evaluations show significantly increased cone rigidity, resisting mechanical bending for less distortion.

The Silver RX2s will be the biggest standmounting loudspeaker in this comparative review, measuring 375mm high, 230mm wide, 300mm deep and weighing 9.5kgs. The loudspeakers are finished in wooden veneer accessible three distinct woods.


When listening to Sade's 'Your Love is King' the upper bass and midrange was handled with enthusiasm by the Silver RX2s.

With plucked bass guitar they generated satisfyingly punchy effects. A sax that was tidy, proud leapt forth, emphasising great midrange existence.

The low bass is strong and expressive, however a slight box colouration resulted in a 'boofy' sound, suggesting less lower-end control than KEF's Q300s.

Sade's vocals sit forwards, illuminating her voice perfectly. An excellent quantity of detail proved the midrange a little strident, higher treble seemingly sat behind the vocals, weakening a number of the high end portrayal - unlike the forward highs of the Knight 2.

In comparison to the sound of the unique 'Uni-Q' drive unit found in the Q300s, the Silver RX2's sound confined and less evenly dispersed.

The Silver RX2s provide a clean sound with midrange rendering that is great both in clarity and projection. The Silver RX2s bass control is overweight at times creating a boomy low end. Overall they show strengths moderated by some weakness.

Monitor Audio Silver RX2 Bookshelf speakers photo