Onkyo TX-NR929 AV-receiver

The great value for money is exceptional, plus it is so readily advocated.

In use, it is quite wonderful; a full bodied multichannel creature that does not so much as deliver film soundtracks than catch them and throw them around the room with precision and verve. Even considering that Onkyo's electricity claim is for one channel 6-ohm load, there is plenty here, also it wears its THX Select2 Plus badge with pride. This means it is been deemed up-to-snuff for midsized rooms with a 3-4m seeing space, that may be many.

An uncluttered bank of loudspeaker terminals as well as a generous selection of connections aids set Up. Pre-outs empower an 11-station set up in the event you've got an additional stereo amp.

The graphical user interface is far from perfect, as well as on a level with all the existing systems. Happily, the provided handset is comparatively clear-cut, and just had me heading down management paths that were blind several times through the first audition period.

Calibration is performed via Audyssey's main MultEQ XT32 system, and you'll be able to opt to run either a Quick Start variation or the complete, in depth, multi-measurement iteration.

The Onkyo offers a wide selection of sonic tweaks, to establishing the default amount for individual sources, on top of manual loudspeaker amount calibration from correcting the Middle Width of Dolby Pro-Logic IIx. This will enable technology-heads to order their set up you could spend hours. Others may just would rather hook up their loudspeakers, press Play, and sit back with a picture that is good.

Sucking the Fast Five Bluray soundtrack, the Onkyo TX-NR929 shows its mettle that is AV. The bank heist sequence that is climactic becomes a thrilling combination of crazy machine gunfire revved engines and crumbling masonry.

The effects of the Onkyo steering is not bad, producing a believable three dimensional soundfield that engages your senses, as well as the soundstage that is crafted is not sumptuously small -sounding. Notably, there is an effortless nature to the delivery. Dynamic moments, for example the purloined bank vault (seriously...) crashing through concrete bollards, are managed with no fight.

This is with Audyssey participated; taken from the Onkyo's natural as well as the equation forwards-seeming set, in combination with my own Crystal Audio array that is quite excited, is maybe a little brash at the larger registers. Audyssey, for my set up at least, works nicely to smooth out the operation.

The Onkyo ensured loudspeaker array and my subwoofer sang with no glaring differences and fluid handover.

Music streaming via the TX-NR929 (video is overlooked) is made simpler via WiFi choices and inbuilt Bluetooth. Onkyo has taken a lead over other AVR makers in this respect, and it is welcomed by me. As for me, I believe WiFi is important to get a streaming set up that is contemporary, and Bluetooth is useful for client sources including smartphones.

Pure Audio manner can be elected by purists.

The TX-NR929 is an ideal example of a crowd pleasing AVR; loaded and simpler to use than some, fairly affordable and auto calibration characteristics that are efficient.

Onkyo TX-NR929 AV-receiver photo