Usher N-6361 Floor standing speakers

The significant floorstanding Usher CP8871 II DMD using its diamond tweeter is becoming something of your own favourite. For the ones that do not have the financing or the room to hold the 8871, Usher has an option in the contour of the N-6361 floorstanders.

Priced the N-6361s are a two way design with some of 7-inch mid/woofer driver ordered around an I in a D'Appolito shape -inch soft dome tweeter. In Usher fashion that was real, each of the drive units are produced in house in the firm's huge Taiwan plant.

Woofer support is offered with a forward-facing slot interface, making placing close to walls that are back potential.

Rather than a one piece grille, Usher provides round cloth that is different covers for the mid/bass drivers as well as the tweeter has its own unique protective metal mesh cover that is likewise believed to help high frequency dispersion.

Beefy alloy stands with inserts for the provided spikes complete the bundle and total fit and finish is not very bad for the purchase price. The N 6361 mightn't be the most flashy -appearing loudspeaker out there, but it's elegantly packaged using a purposeful design that indicates cash was spent around the parts that are main.


Usher loudspeakers possess a somewhat consistent house sound which does not appear to change across its ranges. Simply speaking, they are usually natural and precise -and that is just that which you get together with the N-636ls.

Really, the Ushers are very skillful at allowing you to hear to the combination of tracks that are individual.

It is a compact trail that may seem congested on some loudspeakers but it was managed by the Ushers with aplomb.

There is never any awareness of a single component of the sonic spectrum being overemphasised in the expense of some others - rather the music flows freely using a natural, uninhibited strike.

Pushing the volume up I seen the Ushers continued to stay composed. The bass on Lady GaGa's 'Monster' had weight and depth, without any awareness of thump that is man-made. Finally you are not having the smack in the torso feel of a single 12-inch driver, but the N 6361 s go not high enough to give the sound with a strong basis.

That independence from artificiality also means large orchestral crescendos are given the weight that is required and atmosphere to impress.

These are 'loudspeakers which will let one to analyse individual tracks or simply relax and allow the music wash over you - that's an impressive effort in the comparatively affordable cost of GBP2000.


Usher has created another excellent pair of loudspeakers in the N-6361. At first listen they mightn't look the most dynamically exciting but that is only since they do not try to visit any man-made nature on the music. Rather, everything you get is a fair, exact and in-depth demonstration that makes listening sessions that are long an absolute delight. Having a little time they can be certain to grow on you I feel.

Usher N-6361 Floor standing speakers photo