Focal Spirit One S Headphones

The Spirit has been introduced by focal One S mobile headphone into an already busy marketplace, but priced in a low GBP149 they are possibly competitive.

The Heart Ones are eyecatching. Finished with brushed aluminium side bits and hinges in anthracite gray, they can be a closed-back circumaural design with soft, or even too big ear pads.

All this makes them appear heavy and somewhat bulky but despite their size the Focals are astonishingly light at 280gms as well as a swing that is smart and tilt hinge makes getting a comfy fit comparatively simple.

Soundwise there is a even equilibrium concerning the Spirit Ones. They are entirely positive, having more bass compared to the higher priced Spirit Classic Focal say.

That is not always a negative thing for headset that are cellular - giving more impact to the sound and helping keep out extraneous noise. I found bass to be deep and strong, but nonetheless, it really never threatens to overpower what is happening in the music.

On Massive Attack's 'Safe From Harm' the low end had ability and power while there was lots of space and atmosphere around Shara Nelson's vocals.

The group has a little hint of heat about it that leads to an overall feeling of smoothness. Thus the Focals can sound slightly more limited than some competitors but that does mean they're less fatiguing over long intervals.

The well-padded cups do not clamp too closely on the ears. There's an in-line mic and control for Smartphone pairing.


On the list of finest I Have heard, the Focals are as an almost daily user of mobile headphone. Their woofer continues to be engineered to offer nicely force that is managed.

Mid-treble and group can also be comprehensive and clear, while the fit and finish are model at their price point.

Focal Spirit One S Headphones photo