Dynaudio XEO 2 Bluetooth Speakers

A script some like to follow suggests that premium audio manufacturers have already been found sleeping while the remaining world wakes around lively, instant, simple-field, multiroom loveliness, therefore allowing Sonos, Bose, Bluesound et al grab a drive on the highway towards a wireless world.

But as long ago as 2012, Dynaudio, was out from the blocks and managing with its technology array of Xeo productive, wireless speakers. It proved beyond any hesitation that cable-free convenience was not incompatible with high fidelity that was correct which one was supported up by by purchasing into less discerning sound-package remedies was elective instead of obligatory.

Currently an additional- gen Xeo collection with a plus-one called the Xeo 2 appears to become every-inch the type of do and has arrived something, set-anywhere wireless audio that shows us what could, should be. It is covered by an object training in learned exaggeration, cool rarely. Brilliantly, each Xeo 2 could be joined with supports a stubby stay to lift it free from stand or pc, or perhaps a wall group that allows 90° of outside connection. And unlike previous Xeo designs, it doesn’t require extra external equipment to perform wirelessly, because of Bluetooth, along with the handle speaker conveys using its partner over an integral A that is sealed-to-N wireless link. If you'd like to flow to numerous frames in numerous suites, you’ll need to buy its Connect (£295) program pack or Xeo Centre (£200).

The control speaker has RCA line-in, a Toslink optical feedback for playing your hi-res tracks (taking as much as 24/192, but delivering in a maximum of 24/96) and a 3.5-mm aux outlet.

Setup is simple, if your little tricky, while the majority of the sockets and little press changes are hidden up-on the threshold of an cubby in the back of the handle speaker. These add a move to ‘hand’ the speaker appropriate or remaining, with a related one inside the cubby of one other audio. It’s a feature that is good for maintaining the master near to source components that are varied should you want to generate any wired connections. Another couple of buttons set the threeway DSP-applied EQ, letting the freedom near a side wall or to position the Xeo 2s in free-space, in a corner. An USB slot to facilitate firmware revisions is also sported by each speaker.

Dynaudio calls the Xeo 2 its entrylevel high-end speaker and the world’s first highend wireless audio, also. Which all seems to block with all the price. It’s a real lively layout with a large 65W (said) of pulse width modulated Class-D audio allocated to each driver and digital crossovers to separate up the workload. Dynaudio calls it Pure Way Amplification, which just implies that the analogue signals provided for the RCA are immediately digitised and, along with the Toslink and Bluetooth inputs, keep this way before last possible moment. However, not till they’ve been addressed to something of the digital neck stroke by the effective DSP filters, time coherent stage linear FIR filters and Flexible Bass technology that optimises bass result against rev heap to offer deeper and more perhaps lower frequencies than you could expect from such a bijou box - flat down to a remarkable 40Hz in accordance with Dynaudio.

Performing the business enterprise, and resting efficiently inside the Xeo 2’s extruded aluminium baffle, are a 27mm soft dome tweeter as well as a 140mm magnesium-silicate plastic (MSP) mid-bass device. Dynaudio makes inhouse both. No MDF was hurt inside the making-of the bass reflex units. Alternatively, they’re formed the combination, from an inert composite moulding baffle adding additional stiffness.

Current coloring possibilities run to black or white, both having a satin end, but at CES in Las Vegas, the Xeo 2’s debut was celebrated that red, lemon and yellow were simply the smallest amount of subtle having a whole paintbox of shades. It seems very likely some of these will make it .

Audio quality

Using the DSP EQ changes set-to open space, I place the Xeo 2 on my Stone Audio stands toed - in and pulled away from walls and edges. Our iPad makes the sole truly instant connection via Wireless.

Targets are obviously changed when phrases such as ‘high and ‘world first’ - end’ are trumpeted by advertising people, specifically those as possibly sober-minded as Dynaudio’s. It’s just to be considered a little sceptical. I will provide some assistance. Remember to tighten your chin muscles should you opt to audition the Xeo 2 because if you don’t once you hear it for the firsttime, a pest may travel into your open-mouth. That good? Yeah, that great.

The Xeo qualities are equally exceptional and remarkably steady over the inputs.

Wireless is simply sufficient to call ‘hi-fi’, although properly-noted hi-res in the Questyle does ‘refresh the elements ... wish. Speech is gorgeously huge with clean imaging and an impressive sense of degree, power, tonal richness and rhythmic certainty. In fact, the hefty bass efficiency is why is it somewhat particular and essential for the Xeo audio. In its seemingly straightforward and smooth downward reach, it’s like it belongs to an entirely bigger program and offers a premier-to- base harmony you’d never experience using a standmount speaker of similar size.

But while flexible bass technology is material that is ingenious, it isn’t rather the panacea it may initially seem. Even though lower frequencies are full-bodied lengthy and, they've a mildly samey, periodically over-ripe quality that doesn’t generally ring true. Playing ATC’s passive SCM7 confirms that as the Dynaudio has nearly uncanny fat and expansion and stays ever agile and tuneful, it can’t get close to coordinating the ATC’s episode, exact articulation and decision of timbral structure.

To get a speaker system competing within the instant segment, nevertheless, the Xeo 2 is heady material, that pleasingly governed lower-end weight lovely treble and maintaining an almost amazingly concrete midrange. It-all hangs together wonderfully and, due to surefooted time and sufficient bandwidth, with fantastic evenhandedness and sound. I perform the Pat Metheny Group’s These Are Now album along side newer excursions in the Whiplash soundtrack and Go-Go Penguin’s Manufactured Thing CD along with the same task happens me time and again. It-all sounds as if it’s been remastered by somebody having a cupboard full of Grammys. It’s in an effective way, when the Xeo’s technology is manipulative. The entire- unfussy and bodied stability openness, in particular, are a complete delight.


Dynaudio has increased the bar for compact wireless speaker devices to some stage that would hardly have appeared feasible so ago or per year. Its Wireless efficiency is exceptional, but additionally it enables anybody to get a fair cost to enjoy sound quality which was when the preserve of audiophiles. High fidelity may be the success.

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