Sony STR-DA5700ES AV-receiver

The STR-DA5700ES is a vital product for the home entertainment section of Sony. Not merely does it signify a joint attempt to retake ground lost in the top end of the AV marketplace, it comes some daring new ideas, and that we have not seen before.

The unit itself inherits not unfamiliar ES family genes. It sports two disguised input signal wells and no fewer than four knobs, and has that feature fascia ledge used to balance manner a lot of buttons. Concealed behind one are USB phono AV input signals as well as a calibration mic input signal, while in the other lives an HDMI input signal. Minimal it's not.

However, the new thinking of the receiver is instantly apparent on the rear panel. Here is the first AVR a bank of four ports makes it incredibly easy to expand your LAN to neighbouring networked . that are devices What this means is that in addition to getting the AVR online, it is possible to join a Smart TV, Blu ray and games console through the STR-DA5700ES. That is exceptionally suitable. Individuals with high speed Gigabit networks may be disappointed that this can be a 10/100 switch, but for will not be a problem.

The switch is offered in lieu of Wifi, which can be assembled into the more affordable STR-DN1030. Naturally, you will have to ensure it stays active by toggling the right menu setting when the AVR is shutdown, or all your kit that is linked will lose 'internet access.

Also new with this version is a 96kHz/24-bit two channel PC USB input signal for people who favour PCs and notebooks as a source that is sound. Conventionally, there are five HDMI inputs, plus two output signals - perfect in case you need to drive a projector and also a display. The remote is sat on by a button to change between them. It is possible to route to either singly, or send signals to both concurrently.

Two subwoofer feeds are supplied.

The STR-DA5700ES also sports two 12V triggers, an IR remote in/outside and an RS232C interface for control and service. It comes with two remotes - a simplified choice as well as a routine zapper.

Is this truly an AVR?

Utilizing the STR-DA5700ES feels rather unlike any Sony AVR before it. Really, you quickly forget you are having an AV receiver in any way. Sony has designed a user interface which breaks earth in means that its competitors have not yet attained, yet consistently looks intuitive and plausible to use.

The newest UI browses via vertical tablatures, highly graphical, labelled Watch, Listen, Favourites, Simple Automation, Sound Effects and Settings. You're and clink Watch taken to your own video sources, select Listen and you are shown sound. All are depicted with hires icons. These sections seamlessly incorporate online services, network content and local related hardware.

That is emphasised by the fact the AVR assimilates nearly all the essential Sony Entertainment Network.

The graphical polish of the receiver is also put to great use through the set up procedure, where Sony's latest auto- DCAC, calibration system, makes short work of optimising and measuring a listening room. It took just a couple of chirps use its proprietary room and to gauge the space of all my loudspeakers -optimising algorithms. The outcome is a lithe, musical receiver with tight, deep bass.

As befits a next-gen entertainment hub, Sony's STR-DA5700ES can leave audio and video content and from local USB - sound is embraced by most AV receivers but draw the line. Its file support surpasses that available on the Bravia TVs of the brand.

In addition, it does a surprisingly great job of improving the standard of compressed sound from these files -processing modes.

Sound support is wide-ranging: This is reflected by the USB media reader of the AVR. But, the STR-DA5700ES show or can not see album art from either network or local sources - a pity given how visual the remainder of the GUI is.

The STR-DA5700ES is a knockout.

It's likely to run a 9.2 settings by joining the Pre Out Environment Rear or Pre Out Front Height jacks to an outside power amp.

I auditioned to the back with four loudspeakers. Anyone thinking these days of creating a theatre room should definitely factor additional headroom to the equation. This can be an idea that is not likely to go away.

Passing delivery is amazing. Fight Without Honour or Humanity (Bluray) is a classic evaluation of dynamics and this Sony was not found wanting. The Kill Bill theme was presented with whip-crack strike; sledgehammer riffs kept for maximum damage.

That is where a part of Sony wizardry - optimisation that is sound - comes into its own. Basically, it keeps dynamics and the weight of a soundtrack when it is played at lower than benchmark volumes. The execution here seems totally distinct, also it works well. Shave 10dB off your playback volume and (after a short amount of psycho-acoustical adaptation) it rebalances the whole soundstage. For societal listening, or late night, it is a must have.

According to studio-quantified data that is soundstage, it intends to recreate the ambience of real world can be obtained in three flavours: Dynamic, Theater and Studio, and theaters. While Theater brings in the ambience of a dubbing stage the former is made to make the impression of a big theatre. Studio raises dialogue and reduces local expressions. All are interesting, but I discovered myself favouring again and Theater time.

The receiver and the film played like it turned out to be a heavy metal concert - once you are able to pick out the electric guitar licks on lurking within the soundmix, the STR-DA7500ES will have you air- guitaring butt is kicked by the Autobots.

The transmission of Sky also transpires to be an excellent evaluation of the amp's seven-channel DSP modes. Even though the satcaster's transmission is restricted to 5.1, the picture was combined in 7.1 and all the cues appear ready to be pulled out.

Obviously, the STR-DA5700ES actually comes alive with Bluray and lossless sound. Running through Korean actioner War of the Arrows (Bluray), using its enveloping DTS-HD Mummy combination, shows exactly how subtle its scaffolding may be. It is also at home with more atmospheric fare while this amp relishes the chance to tear the atmosphere between each loudspeaker apart.

Other soundfield that is key treats prove to be two Authentic Concert Mapping ways and the Berlin Philharmonic Hall. That is definitely advanced audio processing.


Brands happen to be striving to reinvent the AVR for a while, with small success. Spotify and airPlay have been regularly tasked with managing the picture makeover. However, using the STR- the sector has refreshed without recourse. Not only does this receiver seem fantastic, on-line content is embraced by it before it with increased conviction than any AVR. The user interface is sleek, the characteristic spread daring (and useful), and above all, it seems amazing. In the world of high end home cinema, this has simply become the gladiator to overcome. If you don't actually want nine channels of amplification, of course...

Sony STR-DA5700ES AV-receiver photo