Pioneer SC-2022 AV-receiver

Its SC qualifications are gained by it mainly -digital Direct Energy high definition amplifier, which has more efficient cooling system and uses shorter signal routes, leading Pioneer to maintain lower power consumption and an improved functionality.

It asserts an output signal of 170W per station, up from 150W (take this using a pinch of salt, obviously) and ticks almost all the set up, usable and compatibility cartons (4K passthrough a noteworthy exception) as the remaining family, including some rather elaborate iDevice-established control.

In contrast to the VSX-2012, THX certificate has gone Mitt Romney's way, however there's great news for rumble junkies in the form of an additional subwoofer pre-out. Network connectivity from the carton is Ethernet- but there is a USB port now provided to get a wireless adapter. HDMI activity includes seven inputs (one to the front) and one outside, which will be bad news for anyone contemplating driving two screens from this otherwise well connected receiver. I could see this being an immediate deal breaker for some.

They are not ill functioned in the set up section too (accessible but supplied on a CD for Windows 7), which ensures sources and your loudspeakers are wired up correctly.

Android users and accessible iOS is the iControlAV2012 program. That is stunning, although few friends have been located by Pioneer amongst owners of previous-generation AVRs by not widening compatibility of the program to heritage machines.

Assessing the readings in the amp's automatic loudspeaker calibration system much more enjoyable and so simpler than faffing about with the dour-looking menus in your TV screen, or the dinky display of the AVR. In addition, it makes it delightfully easy to tweak loudspeaker settings and offers plenty of liberty with equalization and tone settings.

Playing with networked sources and DLNA devices, is more easy overly than when using the provided remote.

Pioneer redeems itself thanks to its MCACC calibration system that is extremely thorough and methodical. Running this takes a great ten minutes each station is analyzed or quantified for polarity, EQ, Phase and Standing Wave Control. Before the amounts are set you'll be able to consistently tiptoe from the area and gently have a brew. Later, in the event you're feeling adventurous and courageous you might be enticed to delve to the menus and play with messing around using the phase control or adding virtual loudspeakers for your configuration.

The receiver is a good-looking creature with the elegant fascia, and there is nothing about the iControlAV2012 program that is as satisfying as tweaking both significant knobs that control the input and volume selection. The amp's flimsy level of rubbery speaker terminals and body alloy are, nevertheless, less insuring.

The SC-2022 has adequate multimedia abilities, for example, capacity to stream FLACs and WAVs saved on a home network. It is also compatible with all the sound on JPEGs in theory and MP4 files, but do not count on it getting the aspect ratio right. Thank God.

This X-curve alteration was needed to simply rein in the brightness in the high end during War of the Worlds. That sorted, agility and the power of the electronic amps worked their magic - the unscrewing of following guitar thrashing and the Martian cylinder being provided with back-chilling ability.

As the United States infantry come virtually face to face using a holed-up outfit that was German, the amp nearly blew my socks off as plaster remnants rained down, bullets fizzed over the area and mortar shells burst in front of me and covered me. Dialogue is closely centered on the center station as well as the LFE rumble is totally incorporated, showing the truth of the Auto Phase Control of Pioneer Plus interim-settlement wizardry.

Wish to not go soft? No trouble, your neighbours will soon call the environmental health folks long before distortion kicks in. Who said home cinema was not good?

The Wire (Season 5, DVD)'s Dolby Digital track is given energy that was actual as background sounds and subtle effects - such as calls offering the most recent drugs and distant passing sirens - are played out deftly in the back loudspeakers. Even Omar nearly seems lucid.

The key caveat is the fact that, X-curve adjustment or not, there is an inherent tightness to the SC-2022 that may not satisfy people who prefer a warmer sound. Hmmm.

Having said that, the SC-2022 is a home cinema receiver that is impressive.

Pioneer SC-2022 AV-receiver photo