Yamaha RX-V377 AV-receiver

The forte of Yamaha Company's cinema receivers always has been their digital components, which provides unprecedentedly scaled and localized stereoscopic effect. At that, these positive qualities don't too much depend on a specific model's price. It is possible to get powerful sound processors and extensive modes set of surround sound even in a basic equipment. Yamaha RX-V377 opens company's AV-receivers' model line and has everything necessary on board to organize six-channel home theater.

Build-in amplifier provides up to 100 W power for each channel at 6-Ohm appliance load and 70 W at resistance 8 Ohm. Sound processor works with all modern formats of surround sound, which are in Blu-ray disks and DVD, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Even in previous model tuning for acoustic parameters of room realized automatically with calibrating microphone, included in set. Advanced configuration and other job are supposed to be done with display menu, which is executed without rage, but still is comfortable enough. There is an indication block on a clipboard, but it is like a nod to the practice now, than anything else, so as other controllers there. Remote control totally manages all its tasks, there are special macro-keys "Scene" for fast switching different parameters simultaneously, which change installation profiles of receiver.

Set of interface ports does not have a distinction by amount, but does by variety. The main modern commutation instrument is HDMI, represented with four inputs and one output, placed on backside. Sure, lack of HDMI port on front side of equipment is a pity. Today almost every smartphones and tablets features with HDMI port, so actuality of this element even in a budgetary product is high as never. Another thing that should not be forgotten - game consoles, which often connect up to system. In return, there is most new version of HDMI interface, which provides recurrent audio channel, CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), 4K video resolution and 3D support. Analogue stereoscopic pairs on RCA sockets still can be useful and presents in commutation arsenal as three inputs and one output.

For collectors of technique antiques there are a few composite and a pair of component video-inputs, two coaxial and one optical port S/PDIF. On the backside, there is USB port, intended only for power of optional accessory YBA-11, which adds to receiver possibility for music reception with wireless channel Bluetooth. Yamaha RX-V377 is not equipped with other network interfaces, which is forgivable for budgetary model. One of the main goals of developers was to reduce the price, because the external network player is available to buy anytime. For connection of acoustic system`s front pair there is provided screw terminals, for backside and central loudspeakers there is provided only spring terminals. It would be logical, if channels did have distinction by power, or there was a possibility to improve sound with some other amplifiers. However, there is no such possibility. On a clipboard are output for headphones, USB port for mobile gadgets and 3.5 mm universal analogue stereo input for commutation with any portative technique.

"Virtual Cinema Front" opens a list of interesting features. This is a technology, which provides imitation of surround sound with five loudspeakers, placed in front flatness. This feature could be very useful in a case if back speakers can't be placed correct, which is a common situation in living rooms. Bass amplification function allows providing maximum comeback in low register from all loudspeakers, and better balancing between satellites and subwoofer. This provides an amazing effect even with small shelf monitors, which are most likely to go with Yamaha RX-V377. Compressed musical matter will sound better after processing with brand algorithm "Compressed Music Enhancer". For additional money savings helps eco-mode, reducing power consumption by 20%.

Sounding of home theater, build on Yamaha RX-V377 base differs with cinematographic scale, excellent sound sources localization and absolutely "non-budgetary" detailing level of sound canvas. In moderate-sized room, Yamaha RX-V377 practically is the best choice and the key to all is correct choice of acoustic systems. Optimum decision would be to by shelf loudspeakers with light resistance, but it is not recommended to save money on subwoofer. There is no off-the-shelf system for this kind of money that would provide this level of dynamic and accuracy.

Yamaha RX-V377 AV-receiver photo