Denon AVR-890 AV-receiver

Home theatre receivers often fall into three categories. There are those made to your budget that is particular, mainly by omitting characteristics. There are high end versions with extreme operation characteristics, all the bleeding edge characteristics and price tags that are much more extreme.

The Denon AVR-890 is among the receivers inhabiting that middle ground.


Should you ever stumble into sudden wealth, it is possible to keep all its merits and update the power with the addition of outside amplifiers, thanks to the 7.1 channel analog output signals.

But that is not likely to be mandatory using the vast bulk of setups.

It's possible for you to redirect two of the built in amplifiers to drive loudspeakers in another zone, or to bi-amplify the front loudspeakers, or to drive 'height' loudspeakers.

You will find five HDMI inputs, plus heritage support for each of the standards which have existed for a long time. This receiver will converts each of the video input signals to HDMI. This appears in high price outside video chips.

Everything devised in the manner of digital sound is decoded by the receiver. It does not have a committed iPod interface but does have a unique control socket that works (this uses routine input signals for video and sound).


Setting this receiver up was not difficult. The slowest component was wiring but most of my other apparatus used HDMI thus all was managed with plugs that are just added.

This made accessible lots of room equalisation modes, optimised for either pictures or music besides establishing the amounts and loudspeaker spaces.

The receiver seemed just superb.

With both music and films, exceptional performance was produced by this receiver. And strong functionality, driving my loudspeakers to develop an immense effect on hit films. Yet it absolutely was tuneful.

Suitable operation was likewise given by the three 'Quick Select' keys (the front speakers are also on the leading panel). Besides choosing specific input signals, in addition they set the environment mode connected to the input signal as well as the EQ settings.

The video processing was not exceptionally bad too. For those who have some heritage analog devices, the odds are you will get better image quality by feeding it to your own screen because format and having this receiver convert it, than to run different analog cables or whatever.


It's all of the characteristics that are useful and all the fundamental characteristics, yet they are delivered by it along with a great sound performance in a cost that is fairly decent. Any home theatre owner will not be unhappy with this particular receiver.

Denon AVR-890 AV-receiver photo