Yamaha RX-Z11 AV-receiver

Several months back I reviewed here Yamaha's brilliant RX-V3800 home theatre receiver. My principal difficulty was discovering anything whatsoever to whine about, and in the end I used to be not successful.

Now here we've in the RX-Z11, Yamaha's Statesman Caprice to the Commodore Berlina of the RX-V3800. But by dint of assiduous evaluation, I did locate one tiny small thing that a very small criticism may be levelled only at that unit. Success!


Where does one begin recording a home theatre receiver's features such as this?

They will be let down.

Certainly everything.

These add added verisimilitude from Yamaha's three dimensional DSP ways which 'version' various real world performance sites.

If you would like to alter in what way the stations are configured, it is possible to rearrange the in a menu display that is uncommon, but tremendously successful including bi-amplifying loudspeakers and powering more or one of the three zones that are additional! The zones that are additional additionally get a coaxial digital sound output, along with a component video output signal for video quality that is adequate.

You will find five HDMI inputs (one to the front panel) and two output signals. For those who own a projector you may make use of the output signal that is 2nd to drive your LCD monitor preventing cable.

There's also an Ethernet outlet, two USB outlets for playback and an interface for Yamaha's iPod dock.


I want to mention that I entirely applied all of the abilities of this receiver within my evaluation, but I can not. Ideally, you'd make use of the receiver as a complete 11.2 station centrepiece. But I lacked the necessary amount of loudspeakers that were coordinated.

Still, for the 7.1 stations I'd accessible it worked brilliantly. There have been no obvious limits to the standard of the sound, and no limits to the power on tap it might supply.

Setting up was not difficult, thanks to Yamaha's increased auto-calibration system. To my mind, better compared to systems supplied on a number of other receivers as it is possible to pick things that are specific to keep unchanged (including loudspeaker sizes) and possess the system auto calibrate the rest of the things. The equaliser supplied not bad sounding results.

The video management was great as the sound, as well as USB, Ethernet, the web and iPod support all functioned as they ought to.


The Yamaha RX-Z11 built, home theatre receiver, and is a well endowed. Get help when you are installing it. At 34 kilograms, it will be needed by you.

But it is worthwhile. It'll do what you would like. Anything in any way. Except, obviously, accept 7.1 channel analog input signals!

Yamaha RX-Z11 AV-receiver photo