Yamaha RX-V3800 AV-receiver

That is a rarity for me personally. Nothing could be perfect. But look and you will see no purposes at all under our Disadvantages section. For the time being, today, the Yamaha RX-V3800 receiver is perfect.


Describe all of the features with this receiver and to completely go through would take. So take it as a given that all the material you've come to expect from a home theatre receiver is provided, and well provided, and we'll concentrate on the stuff that is cutting edge.

That stuff involves several things, like the four HDMI inputs. All these are rated in the most up-to-date version 1.3a standard, meaning they support the impending 'Deep Color' standard which expands the colour palette of HD DVDs and Blu-ray, and all the new audio standards supplied on these formats.

But, obviously, that's not all. Wire it in your house computer network and it can deliver internet radio stations, or play back the music files in your personal computer.

In addition, it has a USB socket handily located on the front, which means you play back MP3 and Windows Media Audio files from there and plug a thumb drive into the unit. That is not useless for anyone without a home computer network, or with one lacking the wires going to the places that are correct.

The receiver also has Yamaha's iPod docking connection, and with this model you get the Yamaha dock for free. So all those music files in your iPod may be played back in moments just browsing through the iPod's menus on your own big screen and by easing it to the dock.


But how did it sound? Well, this receiver is not only about characteristics. It is also about performance. With 140 watts from each of its seven channels, it proved plenty strong enough to provide high sound levels in my largish listening space. But it also proved to the task of producing stereo that was good and delicate from my CDs.

Just before my deadline shut, at the last minute, I managed to obtain a Bluray player effective at producing the brand new audio formats to the receiver via its HDMI inputs. And the Yamaha receiver proved perfectly reliable with this function additionally.

And that is the point. I had a look examined what the receiver asserts to deliver, and found that it met all its claims. Without qualification.

Particularly, the HDMI dependability was brilliant. I had a few high definition source devices that simply would not operate with a couple of distinct screens. All seemed to be touchy.

Nevertheless, as soon as I plugged them all all issues vanished. The broad compatibility of this receiver is, perhaps, its most compelling merit.


The year after a new similarly priced home theatre receiver or maybe next year will seem with functionality that beat the Yamaha RX-V3800 or features. Maybe. But right at this time, you simply cannot do better than this receiver in the price.

Yamaha RX-V3800 AV-receiver photo