Yamaha RX-V1067 AV-receiver

Why do not the producers realize that HDMI is used by all AV sources and, at this end of the marketplace, accept we are likely to want more than four?

However, I have now located an AV receiver which actually has enough HDMI interfaces for all my parts and more digital than analogue input signals, including two more that can work in once. So with 3D video changing and sound return catered for, Yamaha's RX-V1067 does look fairly well futureproofed.

In addition, it has support for nine loudspeakers and pre-outs for 2 subwoofers, giving you plenty.

The unit itself is heavy and enormous, like all the finest AV receivers, using a stiff chassis and recently developed heat sink.

Polished fascia places and the clear a big LCD screen using the lower half ended in more conventional brushed aluminium. Enormous quantity and source select knobs flank the oil-damped, drop down flap that hides the rest of front AV inputs and the controls. That is the place where the HDMI input signal that is eighth lurks.

Connectivity in the rear is brilliant. It is heartening to find out that composite video input signals have eventually given way to HDMI interfaces.

Yamaha has additionally provided zippy onscreen images that make creating and commanding this animal that was refined quite simple really. The YPAO vehicle calibration system that is exceptional is a godsend, also. You are free to return and fine tune should you desire.

In Dolby Digital mode that is simple, this amp has immediate appeal. It packs enough ability to make my six M&K loudspeakers sing and effects between them's steering system feels effortless. Using Wolfman on Bluray as a test cd, the Yamaha receiver sounds extremely dynamic, putting sound from rustling leaves in a midnight forest seamlessly in most corners of the area and building and screaming with no uneasy jarring in the top end.

The equilibrium feels open and slender with a lot of precise treble clarity, but there is enough low end info to provide an impartial general sound.

The huge edge here is the loudspeaker flexibility. Nevertheless, wiring two added loudspeakers to the sides of the leading pair and selecting the and above 'presence' style gets the consequence of dispersing the sound higher and broader, which could actually improve music. Here is the 3D soundstage removable decals on the unit's very front elude.

The very best choice then is drive all nine loudspeakers in once and to add a stereo amplifier. And the speakers with all set up, it is possible to take advantage of the numerous DSP styles, which are sorted into Music and Film classes of Yamaha.

The Yamaha is a huge success and its own attribute set is commendable. Yes, the insufficient WiFi networking is annoying, as well as the handset is somewhat basic, but nevertheless, it should not be unable to hold its own. The truth is, thanks to 3D capacity and its futureproofed connectivity, it may be the final AV receiver you will have to purchase to get several years.

Yamaha RX-V1067 AV-receiver photo