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Bookshelf speakers B&W CM5 S2
Meet with another loudspeaker that is new from a world-renowned firm whose reputation leaves nothing to be wanted. The CM5 S2 does not get the top, and sits towards base of the range -mounted tweeter, which is becoming something of a tradition B&W. The box is clear, appealing and modern looking. Like...
B&W CM5 S2 Bookshelf speakers
Bookshelf speakers B&W PM1
Bowers & Wilkins' PM1 is an ultra-streamlined audiophile layout including DNA from 800 Series models and the brand's high end Nautilus. Its enclosure is very strong, using the organization 's complex 'Matrix' grid of interlocking internal panels for rigidity and strength. In the PM1 additional...
B&W PM1 Bookshelf speakers