Floor standing speakers Cerwin-Vega! CLS-215
Cerwin Vega has taken loudspeaker development with their CLS-215 into a whole new level loudspeakers. They have been setting the bar high for other loudspeaker businesses to compete with, with their improved midrange power management and high frequency tweeter answer as well as copper shorting ring. The...
Cerwin-Vega! CLS-215 Floor standing speakers
Subwoofer Cerwin-Vega! CLSC-12S
After having examined lots of mid-priced subwoofers, I Have become somewhat disillusioned with all the entire price bracket. Yes, there are a lot of adequate subwoofers accessible this class, and they are going to perform nicely in many people's low-cost home theatre set ups, but what I Have really been...
Cerwin-Vega! CLSC-12S Subwoofer