Blu-ray player Samsung BD-H6500
I had been playing poker using our subject of conversation as well as a couple of men. I used to be asked what I was now reviewing, so when I mentioned the Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray player, among my buddies was shocked. "They are still selling Bluray players! What for?" Obviously, I was shocked. This...
Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray player
AV-receiver Samsung HW-C500
It does not have the standing to equal sound luminaries like Denon, Yamaha and Onkyo, but the HW-C500 may bring owners who enjoy their system's collars and cuffs to match. It seems as slick as a panther, adorned with a few unique touches on the leading panel and draped in lustrous black. Disappointingly,...
Samsung HW-C500 AV-receiver