Amplifier - DAC reviews

Musical Fidelity M6si Amplifier - DAC
Amplifier - DAC Musical Fidelity M6si
We frequently presume that quality is directly proportional to mass, but in this instance which may really be accurate. The build quality is not low - nothing feels not substantial. Back panels and the top believe as if made of more heavy -gauge alloys compared to average. Was not white with silver...
NuPrime IDA-16 Amplifier - DAC
Amplifier - DAC NuPrime IDA-16
NuPrime, located in La, split off from another California sound firm, NuForce (Fremont). NuForce had started with high end power and integrated amplifiers, including the award winning Benchmark 18 mono amp as well as the P20 preamplifier, that had advanced switching power supplies that seemed extraordinary...
Pro-Ject MaiA Amplifier - DAC
Amplifier - DAC Pro-Ject MaiA
Pro-Ject could have made its name with great value turntables - but lately its Carton range of electronics has been garnering enthusiastic recommendations through the hifi community. Also it is easy to find out why. They eschew frippery, pack everything into a small form factor (thus saving price)...