Marantz SA8003 CD-player

Marantz used to append the initials of the great guy to versions 'breathed on' by Ken Ishiwata, but there is nothing in the nomenclature. Actually, this can be essentially a souped-up SA7003, sharing a spec that is simple, but adding touches such as the copper-plated toroidal mains transformer chassis as well as a sprinkling.

Talking of elements, this player is decidedly old fashioned-looking in, using many electronic sections being through-hole kinds. There are quite lots of distinct transistors approximately, made up into the hallmark of Marantz HDAM circuit, which performs exactly the same function as the common opamp chips, but (we are guaranteed) to a higher standard.

Parts might be old fashioned, but the USB input definitely is not - particularly as it is among the very first to support digital input signal from an iPod.

Consequently, the SA8003 unexpectedly becomes a convenient method of having files, or the best value from any portable music player.

There are places where this player feels just a little budget-ish in manners the others do not. Attributes are essential, as an example, but in one upgrade and equity totally serviceable we undoubtedly approve of is the high quality phono connectors.

Sound quality

Marantz has something of a reputation and that appears to be upheld via this player, maybe a little too much for the ears of our panel.

Gear can be as gear that is casual with it as tiring in the future, but this player appears well- created in the middle ground. It is also great at managing dynamics, again and sometimes even looking understated. But there is a lot of energy and kick, both functions of localised dynamics, while long term dynamic swings are managed and, when needed, discreetly.

Interestingly, we believed in our sighted listening session this player, when in contrast to the remaining field, makes its best impression rather than SACD. The latter is not bad, but appears to lack a bit of the delicately etched preciseness the format can, at best, offer.

Marantz SA8003 CD-player photo