Hegel HD12 DAC

Offering connectivity options that are likewise remarkable to the DA-300USB of Denon is this fairly unassuming house DAC. It is easily the most expensive version in the group, and across the rear you will find choices including a set of balanced XLR output signals in addition to routine RCAs to high end amplifiers that are appropriate. Actually , the Hegel also offers a great deal in common with Audiolab's well-seen M-DAC for instance, making the HD12 considerably better geared towards complete hifi set ups than another version here, but it is equally as satisfied within a desktop computer audio system.

The casework that is nicely built gives away to its abilities. The big and brilliantly lit LED screen reveals the selected source input signal just and there is no sample-rate information, making it seem somewhat dated compared with all the insightful and a lot more complex screen found on the Denon that was priced, its closest competitor here. You do get a miniature remote control to enable you make output signal level adjustment and to choose input signals, but misplace it to get a minute and you are in serious bother.

Sound quality Hegel HD12

Despite the Hegel's austere looks, the HD12 DSD presents an equally balanced sound throughout the frequency range, and does not have any problem getting to grips with all the music. It is not the most affluent or warmest performer here, but it gives great insight Ok a little more depth would help provide greater abundance to the track, but the Hegel's presentation remains or glassy detailed.

Vocals seem extremely fine and Kate's voice is managed using clarity and a delicacy which makes it simple to listen to with no hint into the record to her word endings. Male vocals maybe lack a few of the other DACs' gravitas here, but the operations do not suffer for their negligible deficiency of body.

Hegel HD12 DAC photo