Denon DA-300USB DAC

Of a prize was given by us for the finest-appearing DAC in this round upward, then the Denon will function as the clear victor. Not only is it nicely constructed and attractively styled, but it's the added flexibility of allowing itself to be placed vertically or horizontally, including a good amount of flexibility when setting it beside a hifi or desktop computer system. Helpfully, the screen vehicle flips to the location that is proper according to its positioning also.

Stereo RCAs are on hand to your hifi amplifier.

The DA-300USB features worldwide file format support for DSD and PCM (the native file format) digital audio signals on the USBB input signal for bit-diaphanous, asynchronous playback.

Sound quality Denon DA-300USB

Taking the Denon's power from a wall-wart transformer provides the DA-300USB a sound edge in terms that are hifi on many hub-powered versions in this round upwards. On playing the test tracks, first impressions are great.

The well balanced operation without any single component strikes me seeking focus over another or sounding out of place. It is maybe not the richest sound when it comes to bass guitar performance, and contains a touch of leanness in comparison to the Geek Outside when listening to the 24/96 variant of Pink Floyd's Take It Back, provided by But it is a piece all and serves up the track having an exciting number of energy that is dynamic that rocks outside when hooked as much as a hifi.

Where the Denon and the others differ is in its power to open up a record and let you listen right to the mixture.

Play with a 24/192 variation of Madonna's Live To Tell and you could hear the drums' decay much more certainly, and the upper registers of percussion instruments and vocals show greater resolution with an awareness that never becomes harsh or fatiguing.

And you could bet there is nothing to tell them apart, as well as the DA-300USB manages all digital sources within an equally style that is musical.

Denon DA-300USB DAC photo