Denon AVR-4311 AV-receiver

Denon's AVR-4311 is the primary serious AV receiver. If this seems somewhat familiar, this can be what DLNA has only halfheartedly delivered and assured.

With Airplay you are able to in theory, be listening to your own iPod walking down the road, enter your residence and stream the music to Airplay-empowered loudspeakers. You can stream program content recorded in your PC/Mac into a TV or immediately display pictures shot in your iPhone enabled display device. Media is delivered with metadata including artist, album/picture and track names, along with cover art from the other side of the network. AirPlay provides the capacity to readily share your content between devices over a wireless or wired network, guaranteeing to media that is free in the bounds of being put on any particular apparatus. That is very good news for lovers of films, music and general wow-variable gadgetry, since the content industry shares a single file instead of creating multiple copies as well as it have been in favour of it.

Well that's the theory. In combination with the Apple Remote Program as well as iTunes, the AirPlay system is a work. AirPlay is limited however, in case your living room doesn't seem to be an Apple shop. You can just stream music to third party AirPlay apparatus including the AVR-4311, although not pictures, iTunes TV programmes, YouTube content or pictures.

Cynics might imply that the choice to get rid of AirPlay video from third party device drivers at start was just Apple attempting to ensure Apple's own hardware is bought by early adopters of the theory. Regardless of the reason why, it is not unlikely to be before AirPlay video comes to non-Apple branded products.

Integral to the AirPlay theory is the Apple Remote Program. This affords complete control on the iTunes library on Mac or your personal computer, complete using a GUI. It's possible for you to slide by art through records, select tracks, set up playlists as well as control the output volume. Empower the music as well as AirPlay is streamed on the App interface you choose to whichever AirPlay device. Instead you'll be able to stream the content saved to any AirPlay apparatus on your iWhatever through wifi.

Actually, the AVR-4311 was beginning to sound a little too much up its transistors, pleading on Bluray in the evening using a glass for a bit of Sunday day Vivaldi and perhaps an intellectual play.

With Star Trek on Bluray (a firstrate demo scene's opening battle sequence I know off by heart) it all was becoming too considerate for me personally. Time to get a fiddle. Switching Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume, Audyssey and Dolby Volume off immediately set fire to the abdomen of the 4311, but the sound subsequently became congested with room-established reflections, standing waves and most of the peaks and troughs an EQ system usually smooths out.

The alternative was to reproduce the measured Audyssey curves across to the all-inclusive manual EQ adjustment mode of the 4311 and tune the sound. I wished to rediscover the thunder of the marque while keeping the incredible clarity and precision of this model.

I was not sure this was potential as the sub stations can not manually equalize. Actually , it did not take overly long at all. According to my room measurements, all was rolling a little top end increase off, negating some mid-group reductions due to the one mic spot before the sound was punchy, tight and willing to rumble, and reducing a number of the upper bass guitar filters.

The sound is packaged with thunder and scale but the solution of the best nuances manages to take your breath away. As Kirk is born amidst the turmoil, the Denon builds the tension with breathtaking realism, like the whole picture hangs off it, crafting each sound effect. The scene is delivered as a totally moving, emotionally charged, underside lip wobbler.

The additional channel processing seems as smooth as if it had been mastered to the original pressing, adding another order of magnitude to the absolute scale of the demonstration. Sound effects get a larger atmosphere of naturalism as well as large body.

The disadvantage is the fact that tweaking the Audyssey-measured EQ curves across all 11 stations is toil and a labour of love. Happily, you'll just must get it done once to take pleasure in the rich fruits with this AV receiver that is magnificent.

Denon AVR-4311 AV-receiver photo