Denon AVR-X1100W AV-receiver

Recent progress in TV technology mean that consumers possess in updating their home entertainment receiver, an important motive. Up to now, only people that plan to get one or now possess a 4K TV may have to take into account an upgraded home theatre receiver. It's not surprising that all the large home theatre receiver makers including Denon are making sure their new models all are able to adopt the next-gen. But Denon additionally wished to take the chance to make their receivers use and simpler to create.


In regards to appearances, the AVR-X1100W is not all that distinct from the older AVR-X1000 version which is placed as the entry level receiver of the line of Denon. It sports a classic appearance using a brushed aluminum finish using a deep-set segment which has quick select the information screen and Zone 2 buttons and some interfaces. Just like the last version, there's an HDMI interface on the front as well as a USB port so the receiver can be quickly connected to by cellular gadgets. Though so you must join them in the rear, there are not any other AUX input signals.

5 added HDMI interfaces are available on the rear that is quite adequate because of its cost. The additional wireless antennas additionally emphasize the receiver's newfound Wifi abilities. Because of minor bulge and the progress in specifications, the AVR X1100W ends up being a little bit more heavy in relation to the Denon AVR-X1000.


The Denon AVR-X1100W is among the latest of the $500 receiver class not only built in Wifi but built in Bluetooth functionality at the same time. The Internet access abilities with this receiver may not just replace the ones located on an average Smart TV. However, it can stream music from Pandora Spotify and SiriusXM fairly readily. AirPlay support is kept and it's simpler more than ever before to use since you do not have to buy a separate wireless adapter to set the receiver up.

The Denon Remote program stays as another great motive to maintain the Denon AVR-X1100W and the local network connected. It comes in iOS and Android flavors and it provides a pretty easy solution to stream on the internet or handle playlists. A recently available upgrade added tablet PC support enabling other Android tablet computers and iPads to function as remote control placements at the same time.

The AVR-X1100W, with another new Denon versions additionally represents the drive of Denon to bring total 4K Ultra HD compatibility.

Denon additionally made some fine improvements to allow it to be real easy to prepare the Denon AVR-X1100W. You simply run the Set Up Helper wizard that is particular and follow the steps. The connection ports are colour-coded on the rear for easy reference as well as the Quick Select buttons may be assigned favourite sources entire with designated sound settings for every source.


Yet again, the AVR-X1100W relies to manage the room acoustic measurements. It's pleasant as it could quantify in the room resulting to filter preciseness and better resolution at up to 8 places to find the outstanding MultEQ XT version.

You could also link stereo speakers and put them to a different room for multi- room. So that you can have a complete 7-channel surround system, you'll be needing another stereo amp. You determine how much you're really preserving and even can view the status of the mode on the onscreen interface. In the event you would like to increase the audio quality, you need to leave this setting off.

Bottom Line

The AVR-X1100W is an outstanding $500 receiver that will incorporate nicely with modern home entertainment systems. Denon saves a few of the additional attributes like 4K upscaling support to higher-end versions and there are few additional input signals outside HDMI. In addition,, the Denon AVR-X1100W performs incredibly whether it's playing back 1080p pictures on a Total High Definition TV or listening to music. You just need to step around a Denon version that is top-notch for those who have a bigger living room and have to add powerful features. Using the wireless features, the AVR-X1100W is surely a much better buy compared to AVR-X1000W if that receiver that is old is $50 less.

Denon AVR-X1100W AV-receiver photo