Denon AVR-X4000 AV-receiver

The AVR-X4000 is a seven-channel layout, but supports nine-channel processing in the event you desire to lace up an added stereo power amp. The brand's AV stable lords in its, it over the lookalike AVR-X3000, more affordable but looks up to the GBP2,300 AVR-4520.

Awesome layout

This receiver is sleek without being idiosyncratic. The roof a handful of plastic heat mats, fixed on the front-facing ports with plastic clips that were small. Too mindful maybe, but Marantz and Denon happen to be using them for years.

Signal paths are minimised to optimise fidelity. The TI PCM1690 DAC used within is not unusual to the majority of the X series versions.

The back panel's layout is wieldy and quantified. The flat speaker terminals are colour-coded and there is a sheet of fitting labels supplied in the carton to aid sort your cable spaghetti. The HDMI supply is ample, with six input signals (plus a seventh round the front) thumbnail previews. You'll find three HDMI outs, two of which may serve the primary screening room, with the separate feed to get another zone (note the InstaPrevue does not function when this Zone 2 HDMI output signal is active). Sound can be also distributed by the receiver just to a third zone.

Room EQ is reached via Audyssey's multiple-location MultEQ XT32 system and provided mic. With regard to amount and space it proved precise within my room, but I felt the necessity to make my own manual adaptations that were additional. Another Audyssey offering on the AVR-X4000 is LFC, which purports to control the dispersion without affecting the LFE operation in room. The system has seven degrees of but my advice would be to prevent them all on a Friday night like an Uxbridge club. Pretty much every thud is exercised in the soundtrack, leaving nothing but shrill squawking when participated. My neighbours should have believed I was culling parakeets, although I may have been playing with The Expendables 2 to the Bluray player.

Happily, there're a lot of useful attributes on board, also, including Spotify and Apple AirPlay (in a fairly exclusive blend). The onscreen presentation of the latter is fairly simplistic but it functions well enough and for Spotify subscribers it will strike the right notes.

The boffins promise they have taken huge steps in making its AVRs approachable, plus they are half correct. Chief menus of the AVR-X4000 and the set up are readily browsed, enlivened with participating images. But despite the some features of the receiver continue less than instinctive; you will still must consult with the guide, which will be provided as a download or as a PDF.

Having a name like 'X4000' you had anticipate this receiver boast secret superpowers, including integrated WiFi or Bluetooth streaming and to be clad in spandex. Yet it does not. Nevertheless, I guess neither is going to be critical to serious home theatre buyer shortlisting this model's kind. And this does not decrease the linked operation of the receiver - when networked, the Denon glows. Those are nicely served.

The AVR additionally has various image presets plus a user style which lets you tune noise reduction, brightness, saturation, color and contrast. As for me, I feel your source and screen will be the calibration point that is more rational.

Operation that is favorable

The sonic feature of the AVR-X4000 is sweet although full blooded - it is the musical equivalent. And call me a heathen, but I favored the multichannel stereo presentation of the receiver to its direct two channel delivery.

Really, the immersive temperament of the environment soundfield of the Denon AVR-X4000 is a delight that is consistent. Engines were right and panned front to back, left, in a glorious cacophony.

With pumped up actioners, such as the aforementioned... The Denon reacts with quickfire transients as Sly and his team unleash their ordnance. It is not possible to suppress a smile at its antics, despite the fact that center station dialogue delivery sometimes seems a tad considerate. Definition and clearness remain estimable.

It does not endeavor when cranked the integrity is not compromised, staying classy and controlled across the range while not an out and out volume creature.

All in all, the AVR-X4000 provides on its assurance that is modern. It might lack the crazy creation of the astounding dynamics as well as Sony's STR-DA5800ES but both those versions compete in cost sections than this well behaved slugger. I'd have liked to see THX post-processing, and find the controlling reasoning at times inscrutable, yet the forward looking attribute set of this version has undeniable allure. And it is indisputably a great-sounding receiver for the cost.

Denon AVR-X4000 AV-receiver photo