Denon AVR-3805 AV-receiver

There's something about the brand new range of AV receivers reaching the marketplace now, they only appeared to have stepped it up a degree in operation and are eternally pushing the "bang for the dollar" border.

Feature packaged, amazing sounding along with a fantastic looking piece of equipment to choose it.

That is comparable to DPLII, yet DPLIIx offers support for complete 7.1 analogue environment over the 5.1 from DPLII. The AVR-3805 additionally contains video up-conversion, enabling a composite or s-video signal to be passed through the element leads.

This can be a small coup as both high-res camps have become nervous regarding the signal being passed.

Whizbang setup

As is becoming the trend recently, the 3805 integrates a mic as well as various setup whiz bang gadgetry to get the optimum settings for your gear as well as your room.

One fine inclusion using the AVR-3805 is Denon's latest backlight remote. It is a bit of brilliance, totally learning, touch panel together with the capacity to get other user and various macro's programmed attributes all at your finger tips. Whilst it will take some pre-reading of the guide to completely understand its intricacies, it actually can be "the greatest control" for the home theatre equipment.

Super encompassed

Having not ever used more than 5.1 channels of environment, I was dying to see how the 3805 would seem in 7.1.

Stunning, just stunning. The result was similar to a V6 engine that is nicely tuned. Like the V6, you can surprise, with all the capacity to change instantly and from mild to wild and back to light in a pulse but it's never obtrusive rather than fatiguing during prolonged listening.

Whether it is in 5.1 or 7.1 settings, the AVR-3805 creates a fantastic feeling to the sound field. That is readily illustrated The Day After Tomorrow with exceptional weather effects coming enveloping the listener to the world that was frozen.

Bang, boom, crash, rumble and thump. These are but a few of the seems the typical (ok, not typical) home theatre nut strives to optimize. The AVR-3805 has power to burn in regards to sound tracks that are competitive with outstanding dynamic range.

The 3805 has what I'd describe as a recognizable Denon sound for CD listening, really nicely balanced. Right through the sound spectrum, each CD replicated to the sound with fine weight. I discovered I could readily switch my sub off when listening to CD playback rather than feel myself pining for more bass.

It could be refined if I need to sum up the audio in a word. Not too competitive yet strong enough to contend with each of the peaks and troughs of soundtracks that are contemporary.

I was initially apprehensive about letting my old AVC-A1 go, it'd served me well for a lot of years, but even after the very first couple of weeks of the AVR-3805 in your house, the A1 will not be missed.

Denon AVR-3805 AV-receiver photo