Denon AVR-2307 AV-receiver

The drip down of high end characteristics continues with HDMI making it into the $1,500 class, in the kind of the AVR-2307.


To ensure all analog video input signals may be output via HDMI, facilitating your wiring woes additionally, the unit expands its video conversion.

The receiver is rated with high fidelity specifications for every one of its seven channels.

Denon has additionally contained a phono preamplifier, which is advantageous for those that have a turntable. Rather than having a dedicated input signal, you make use of your commands back to the iPod, as well as menus are delivered by some of standard sound input signals and this connection for your display.

My only real concern is that using the HDMI input signals restricted to two, the receiver will probably finally become frustrating.

Setting up

The receiver, as is common, comes with setup that is automated. Wherever your head would ordinarily be put the provided mic, plug it in the front panel of the receiver, and run the auto set up. Forth and several minutes after all the degree settings are made. Do take an instant to test the results: it ought to provide a sound set up for most systems, although I needed to do a few small tweaks for my system.

Other features of setting up were directly forward, using all of the needed settings, and a rationally organised menu construction, including sound delay to defeat lip sync issues.


Something we have begun to expect over the years from Denon continues to be a top notch sound functionality, which receiver was no exception.

Each of the environment modes operated nicely, and a few DSP modes have been dropped in by Denon for creating 'ambient site' acoustic guitars from stereo music.


But that's not comparatively important, functioning and because on most of the essential characteristics in home theatre functionality, the Denon AVR-2307 receiver shines.

Denon AVR-2307 AV-receiver photo