Cambridge Audio Aero 6 Floor standing speakers

The Aero 6 is a bigger, floorstanding model of the exact same layout, setting up drive units that are identical using the much bigger cupboard quantity that comes from having a large box that sits on terra firma!

Problem is, you open yourself up to your difficulty in doing a floorstanding variant of a smaller standmount speaker that is never readily solved, particularly in budget layouts, which can be the best way to keep the cupboard in order. The truth is, that larger box might allow the bass driver move atmosphere more easy, but there is in addition the stress that it'll also move the cupboard. That is the nub of the issue for any bigger loudspeaker - the best way to keep those sweeps of lumber from resonating to the music and bending.

On a tiny carton such as the Aero 2, this is not such a huge issue, as there is less of it. However, the Aero 6 sports two 165mm woofer units generating far more energy compared to 2's single sized driver, and contains a whopping great (in comparative terms) carton to keep in line. The larger box's operation is an actual problem that may determine the success or failure of the loudspeaker.

The Aero set of Cambridge Audio does something really clever that confers it a major edge when it comes to sound - it works on the single 46mm BMR driver to deal with midband and treble frequencies. And mid and treble frequencies are handled by the BMR, leaving the difficult working section of the bundle - the woofer(s) - to get on with playing with the bass guitar, without needing to concern yourself with the midband at the same time.

And that is before you even consider the BMR works; its exceptional natural dispersion pattern comes in the reality it creates much of its own sound from surface shaking, in addition to traditional in-outside pistonic motion. This means it diffuses across the room readily and does not have any kind of clear 'sweet spot' like normal tweeters.

Paper cones are both featured by those twin bass units. The MDF cabinet has a selection of dark or black walnut finishes, and you also will not see bi-wirable binding places round the back because Dominic does not believe the offer an acceptable price/advantage.

Sound quality

Frequently, going into a large floorstander from a little standmount creates more difficulties than it solves, but the Aero 6 appears as the better of both loudspeakers within my view. You get most of the advantages of having two woofers pumping air that is shifting away, but not one of the pitfalls of getting a cupboard that is larger to keep in check. And the gains do not only show themselves better bass, you additionally get developments up the frequency band. Treble looks a bit more relaxed and tuneful, midband is more effortless simpler and dynamic and, naturally, bass is much larger booted up.

Still, this can be quite definitely an Aero 2 loudspeaker along with the 6 sound around in the cost, and that is meant in a manner that is good. Their baseline is one that is tonally exceptionally even an incredibly grand sound, and devoid of peaks and troughs. At first listen, this may show itself as being somewhat over-smooth, but give it a short while and when you have realised it is not likely to yell at you, you discover yourself listening additionally to the music.

Rhythmically, because there is no coruscating treble clanging group, or coming at you, you can on first assessment error the smoothness and evenness for a slight insufficient sting. Nevertheless, you soon realise these loudspeakers are as quickly as anything at or close to the purchase price, it is only that they are not crashing their way. You enter a zone, where you are able to appreciate effortless ease and their natural musicality. The sound from the Aero 6s is just different to virtually all other loudspeakers out there in a single regard, thanks to that particular seamless BMR treble/mid driver as well as the manner it's used. Those twin bass units allow it to be a delightful listen and marry upwards superbly.

The 6s are guilty with this, although I came across the Aero 2s had a negligible dearth of feeling right in the top. Treble is not as incisive as Q Acoustics' 2050i but it's a wonderful floaty quality that means hihats are taken with time that is superb. On The The's I have Been Waiting, it is not extraordinarily difficult to listen to the interaction involving the bass, cymbals and snares and this becomes a truly crucial element of the tune. In once, lots of element is thrust right and stage left out, to backing synths from guitar licks.

For a GBP650 carton, the Aero 6s can transfer huge amounts of atmosphere. They are hardly efficient, apparently unable to create high sound pressure levels having two or a watt - making them well suited for low powered Class A and/or tube amps. The simple manner my listening room fills with vast swathes amazes me. The texture of sharp guitar and the shimmering backing synths come over convincingly, and so are played in perfect time. As using the Aero 2s, bass guitar is not tight and the tightest the provided foam bungs help to tighten things up, although you will ever hear, as does careful positioning and business spiking into your flooring. Still, this little looseness is more than compensated for by their nature that was incredibly effortless; this sound is more, or close to large threeway loudspeakers as you will get this side of GBP1,000.


No less differentiated than its GBP350 brother that is smaller, the Cambridge Audio 6 is an uncommon sounding loudspeaker - in a manner that is very favorable. It's among the very tasteful, svelte and smooth-sounding floorstanders without costing too much, it is possible to purchase, and contains a simple, unflappable quality which makes music in manner that is natural. Umpteen added litres in the cupboard and the excess woofer just make the loudspeaker not as distressed throughout the midband and more dynamic, which makes it an operator that is even smoother. In addition, it adds an additional octave without falling to the snare of numerous competitions that replacement quality for quantity. Among the best floorstanders that are affordable you will hear, be sure to audition it.

Cambridge Audio Aero 6 Floor standing speakers photo