Leema Pulse Amplifier

Occasionally the greatest impression can be made by the most insignificant things. We were taken together with the power button with this amp.

There is a great deal more to enjoy about the Pulsation amp, needless to say. The remaining portion of the leading panel, for starters, is a big brushed aluminium matter having a lot of blue LEDs and a engraved emblem that suggest chosen input signal and volume setting. The knobs can also be produced from solid aluminium and rotate and without eccentricity or wobble. Leema has selected an uncommon approach to exemplify volume setting, with eight well-spaced LEDs across the volume control to eight, and four o'clock closely-spaced ones below. The former show big measures as well as the latter little ones of 1 dB (real volume measures are 0.5dB). We had have lit the little-measure LEDs in the other way, but anyhow it is a fantastic option for repeatability that was simple.

We practically felt homesick when we started this amp upward and discovered not just one surface-mount part on the sound panel. Using recent classic output signal transistors and the amp's electronic volume control it is definitely not a throwback, nevertheless, and contains definitely been designed using a few high performance op amps as well as a variety of little-signal transistors as well as the output signal power devices. Relays are used by input Signal choice. Output transistors are mounted on just one big heatsink using a straightforward overtemperature protection apparatus, and electricity is sourced from a big toroidal transformer.


Among hifi details, it absolutely was significantly enjoyed because of its bass, that has been variously called comprehensive, deep and well defined.

Among other features, this looks like a truly frank amp that does little to hide the limits of records that are imperfect. Led Zeppelin seemed a little brash, while in the lower strings of the orchestra, our listeners picked up on some exceptional detail with the operatic track, along with an extremely well-scaled crescendo into a climax that was strong.

The key warning word we'd sound is about voices, which occasionally appear not merely a tad wet and not as clear than we'd anticipate, but it is an amp using a blend investigation and that is great only enough nature to maintain matters interesting. The phono stage, not element of the evaluation that is blind, is with moving magnet cartridges, extremely great, with transferring coils, only somewhat constricted.

Leema Pulse Amplifier photo