Epos K3 Floor standing speakers

This really is the bigger of the two found Epos is relatively streamlined by the standards of this group, and floorstanders. A two-and-a-half way design, it sports a 25mm silk dome tweeter with short horn faceplate, which hands over to two 187mm mid/bass drivers polypropylene cone and bullet-shaped dust caps. The loudspeaker has a sturdy MDF cabinet whose 15mm walls are braced and damped. Finish is confined to your choice of rather fine looking silk white or black, with optional magnetic grilles.

Sound quality

With modestly powered amplifiers the K3 goes pretty loud having a maintained 90dB sensitivity into 4ohm, but needs a good quantity of power to actually get going. It's a solid, punchy sound that's exceptionally realized in the time department and in addition carries dynamic contrasts especially well. The Epos will be quite less grand, where the KEF R500 and Tannoy Revolution XT 8F offer enormous stereo soundstages. Although not narrow, it has more of a tendency to push things forwards and up front towards the center and does not run far right or left. With crisp, clean programme material for example Kraftwerk's Neon Lights this actually adds to the sense of drama, although more densely mixed and compressed records like the one from Madness, tend to come across as ever so crowded.

Bass is decently expanded, giving a more solid and much more rock-like and pleasingly strong feel than some rivals. The midband integrates well and has adequate rates of detail, and also the treble is clear. Although not especially smooth or insightful, this speaker's high frequencies time beautifully; one can really hear the differences between each strike of the hi-hat cymbal for instance, on the Orange Skies of Love. This, together using the K3's punchy nature ensures that it's enjoyment with rock music, as well as on the Kraftwerk track that is entirely electronic. The company's speakers have been strong with tempo, tempo and timing and remain so to this day.

But, the Epos is 'Marmite' speaker than some. It shines with some forms of music and doesn't convince with others. The Misty of Kate Bush is a case in point, in which a little thickness throughout the group does not carry the singer's distinct vocals as delicately as the DALI Opticon 6 and Tannoy Revolution XT 8F. Despite its pretty smooth tonality coming from either of the layouts you are able to hear that it isn't quite up there with the best in this regard.

Epos K3 Floor standing speakers photo

Review price £1399 / $2098.5