Sennheiser MM 400-X Bluetooth Headphones

As the only dedicated headphone maker in the evaluation, Sennheiser has a range which is significantly bigger than another business here, but does not have that much in the manner of Bluetooth versions.

Though the smallest of the versions on evaluation, the MM 400-X is the 'on ear' of each of the layouts, leaving a significant amount. NFC pairing is omitted by it, but uses the aptX codec within the Bluetooth execution.

The broad headband as well as the little earpads join to allow it to be seem a little ill. Is a certain approach to the madness.

The Sennheiser feels strong despite the look that is spindly and is provided using a case that manages to make full utilization of the streamlined size when folded, it becomes. Sennheiser provides a delicate and somewhat thin 1m cable and lead charging.

Sound quality

The smallest headphone also needs the most power to reach the evaluation amount, although the MM 400-X might be it here. The most important aspect the Sennheiser reveals across most of the evaluation stuff - but most of all with the Kraftwerk track's pounding low end drive - is a fantastic equilibrium over the whole frequency range. The performance lacks a few of the outright delight that some other versions have, but maybe more than any headphone here is a feeling the MM 400-X is giving you a reasonably precise and unembellished performance.

In contrast to JBL Synchros S400BT and the Sony MDR-10RBT specifically, the smaller size means that their complete low end extension can't be rivaled by it but it's reality and a tonal sweetness that is simple and very likeable to listen to. The Competing Sons piece that was rough and ready is managed with drive and excitement, only without showing the somewhat fragile temperament of the record up. With better recorded content just like the Kraftwerk track, it's enjoyably even given. You can find limits, though. The MM 400-X fights to make a demo that's broad or quite as big as the layouts that are larger as soon as you pass a specific volume level it begins to lose part of the smoothness and control.

There is a lot to enjoy in regards to the way music is made by the MM 400-X and this can be practical and the most mobile of the layouts here when you use that curious appearance, and it makes more sense. Depending on if you're planning to strike a balance between cellular and home listening, limited sensitivity as well as the tiny size means there are a few somewhat more gifted all rounders available.

Sennheiser MM 400-X Bluetooth Headphones photo