Connected Essentials CET-500 Turntable

If the brand name doesn't sound that familiar to you then you're not alone. Joined Essentials has been for a while in the electronics and telecoms business, offering a variety of accessories and AV furniture. The CET-500 is the initial deck we've seen from the brand and given its versatility it's a welcome addition to the group and will not break the bank.

Although no software is included, Connected Essentials advocates using Audacity program, which will be open to download free from:

The CET-500 is supplied with a hinged and removable dust cover and also the tonearm that is essential is fitted with a moving magnet cartridge. It has a built-in phono stage so a separate phono amplifier is just not required as it can be plugged direct into any line level input in your amplifier. A large-centre 45rpm adapter is also provided for playing with those jukebox singles in your collection.

The turntable is very light and it seems smart and will not seem out of place in an audio system, although the plinth is plastic. The CET 500 supports both 33 and 45 rpm, which is selectable via a push-button speed selector switch. If the off location is selected, the platter will turn the unit is switched on. The platter has stroboscopic markings that can be utilized to assess the speed of the turntable when viewed under incandescent or fluorescent mains light, even though it can't be fixed.

Sound quality

The CET-500 manages well with all the intricacies of the Stravinsky records as well as the Borodin, although the top-end detail and low end bass is not a bit heavy. Yet, there isn't any facility to switch this so I can't verify it by utilizing the phono stage built into the Essentials amplifier.

The unit appears to like the Simon and Garfunkel track and there's certainly no sign of the turntable when the music ramps up to the crescendo by the end of the tune, getting into distressed water. There is absolutely no hint of any unpleasant sibilance using the vocals along with the performance is tuneful and quite musical. Imaging is not very bad with an excellent spread of music on the other side of the sound stage.

Relaxing into Miles Davis is an extremely gratifying encounter with this deck. Blue In Green replicated on the CET-500 considering that it had been recorded in 1959 actually exemplifies a smooth and simple sound can attract you to the music and hold your attention for the length of the track, and still leave you wanting to hear more.

The deck offers a great balance on the other side of the frequency spectrum and also the cartridge has no issues with the wealth of techo lines playing.

Connected Essentials CET-500 Turntable photo