Yamaha HS50M Bookshelf speakers

Give a little juice to it and that symbol slowly illuminates using a wash of white light that is soft. The black on white color scheme extends to the level front fascia of the screen, wraps around its corners that are curved subsequently halts across the back to include many details which can be etched in silver script. Its back is as striking as its front.

The HS50M takes both XLR Combined with the standard controls the computer screen offers Mid EQ, Low Cut, and High Reduce switches to correct the amount of every specific frequency range. For all those with home studio set ups, the computer screen also offers its Room Control switch, which helps minimize unwanted reflections due to walls that are adjoining. I found this feature extremely helpful when utilized in a flat established studio set up. For low end bass response, the HS50M is made responsible with no help of a powered sub.

In M Audio set up and a Pro Tools the HS50M performs with all the fervor of an Olympian. In a mere 5 inches, its bass response is satisfactory, but also for the total combination that is most precise, I advocate the purchase of an outside sub enclosure. Its own clear midrange sound and shimmering high end replicas overshadows the computer screen's low end shortcomings. The fine aural appointments of the HS50M are further underscored by its own stylish outside layout. Level never looked, or sounded so great. Sorry Janis.

Yamaha HS50M Bookshelf speakers photo