Yamaha RX-V677 AV-receiver

Yamaha is among the several businesses that make home theatre receivers for just about every kind of consumer. The firm's two principal product families contain RXV series which goes up to $849 and begins at $299 and the esteemed AVENTAGE AV receivers for enthusiasts with the majority of them priced above $1,000. With that translating to a number of products, the Yamaha RX-V677 appears well-placed in the midrange having a $649 price tag so the allure is quite comprehensive. So it's natural for all these versions to possess a great number of characteristics backed by sufficient performance for typical home theatre set ups additionally it is an extremely competitive budget for lots of manufacturing companies. The RX-V677 strives to be greater in relation to the total of its own parts.


In the event that you joined the TV and media player to the right connection interfaces and connect the AV receiver to the Net, you need to have the ability to change to these sources readily by pressing the suggested PICTURE button. There's additionally a committed PICTURE button for radio. But in case you'd like to instantly change to other home entertainment components hooked up to the RX-V677, it is possible to reconfigure these PICTURE buttons. The top part of the buttons that are unique is the truth that you can even assign a DSP environment mode to every source making each SCENE button act more.

More affordable Yamaha receiver versions lack this front interface. Besides the repositioning of the Ethernet interface, the rear of the Yamaha RX-V677 stays the same with 5 HDMI interfaces accessible along with 1 HDMI output signal for the TV.


The older RX-V675 receiver has these characteristics also and it likely costs less but the R-V677 has a few nice progress which makes it a much better pick. There'll even be a firmware upgrade to support future video signal types that will enhance the general image quality.

While the modern 4K support is a thing that many of present AV receivers have, the Virtual THEATER FRONT attribute is somewhat more exceptional and is within other Yamaha receivers also. So they face exactly the same direction this attribute only makes it possible for the positioning of both surround speakers next to the front loudspeakers. Such a set up cannot copy the surround sound effect making those additional loudspeakers somewhat redundant when linked to a normal home theatre receiver.

Whether you anticipate taking advantage of the attribute or not, it's still recommended to calibrate your speakers which is the place where the YPAO Reflected Sound Control Audio Optimization will help. It not only makes usage of the mic to optimize each loudspeaker but in addition, it corrects early reflections to make up the audio quality . You may even use YPAO Volume to include some loudness to low volume amounts which may be helpful when loving video and sound content during the nighttime.

The RX-V677 is pretty powerful on the network connectivity characteristics due to its built in wireless LAN - something that has been astonishingly lacking in the prior model. The Yamaha RX-V677 becomes an actual wireless hub at which it's possible to feed it some music or alternative multimedia content from most mobile gadgets. Computers with iTunes or Apple apparatus installed while HTC devices can link to the receiver, get the most effective treatment. It's DLNA-certified as PCs, notebooks and tablet computers can stream through Windows Media Player. The sole apparatus which are not invited to connect to the RX-V677 is the ones that just rely on Bluetooth. You can purchase the YBA-11 Bluetooth accessory but quite honestly, it isn't worth the additional $70. Having an Android or iOS apparatus has already been enough particularly since there's a totally free AV Controller Program that will turn tablet PC or your smartphone right into a remote that is cool. Plus, the receiver can get Pandora Spotify, Rhapsody and SiriusXM Internet Radio alone.

Another great reason to take into account the Yamaha RX-V677 over the more affordable 7-channel versions is the simple creating another zone.

Bottom Line

A tiny bunch may be turned off by having less onboard Bluetooth but it's safe to mention that the Yamaha RX-V677 is feature-complete for the $650 degree and has some excellent futureproof characteristics which will make the successor of Yamaha appear to be a minor upgrade. There's no telling for certain where Yamaha will go from here but the RX-V677 ought to be a great addition to your contemporary home entertainment system and is competitive.

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