Q Acoustics 2020i Bookshelf speakers

If Q Acoustics needs to ensure its Award winning 2020is keep their five stars after being usurped by the new-child-in-town Wharfedale Diamond 220s, it is going the right way about it.

Either selection of vinyl wrapping makes for stunning aesthetics thanks to the strong, curved-cornered cupboard, which is among the very appealing and nicely constructed in the budget marketplace. Streamlined, and unfussy with positioning also, the 2020is should not be difficult to house. When they've a small room to breathe you will get the very best from them, but to your back wall they seem fairly comfortable close despite the back-firing port.

It is always a treat urgent using the 2020is in the end of a system, play - and a fast twist of Broken Bells' eponymous record reminds us why. Their demo is exquisitely and balanced musical, presenting agility and dynamic force that is generally only seen in more pricey loudspeakers. There is plenty of resolution here also.

The wide-open explicit and soundstage is all encompassing, multilayered and exact. We play with the Louder Than Words of Pink Floyd as well as the 2020is provide the tune with aplomb. They provide vocals using an abundance of penetration, and give body and feel to instruments. The loudspeakers' midrange is a complete, strong bass, and sandwiched by tasteful and clear highs. Not scared to show an a border that is attacking, the 2020is dig to the meaty guitar riffs. But where there is verve and power, there is also poise and control.

The Wharfedales are a touch more dynamic and subtle, and somewhat tighter in regards to producing and time beats.

Still, aesthetically and sonically the Q Acoustics really are a success. They stay extraordinary loudspeakers though trumped by somewhat more gifted competitors.

Q Acoustics 2020i Bookshelf speakers photo