Pioneer A-A9 MK2 Amplifier

The A9 is a completely double-mono design, at least as far as the energy amplifier stages are worried. The preamplifier segment is a normal stereo board, including a phono phase switchable (at the back) between going-magnet and moving-coil sensitivity.

There's also a USB outlet on the back, designed for connection to your computer as opposed to a portable music player. This appears a reasonable notion, integrating a fundamental DAC which eases connection of a pc to the domestic hifi and both updates computer sound performance. Part quality inside the A9 overall, is, as one would anticipate, pretty fundamental. But Pioneer makes mention of the output transistors, which are quickly multiple-emitter kinds and help provide a high slew speed to the circuit, for preventing transient distortion, frequently mentioned as a significant variable.


It is certainly not without value, but our listeners believed that complete it lacked something when it comes to bringing on one. Since this was something that the (more affordable) Marantz PM8003 amp was at we can not quite let Pioneer off the hook on reasons of worth fairly great.

If the bookings were summed up by one opinion, it was that 'Everything is there, but it appears to be occurring in the background'. The aural picture conjured up by this amp simply does not look as immediate as that generated by most of the others. Presentation was described as smooth, and while that's not always a terrible thing, it may just be that it is actually not quite too rough for its own good. It shines authentic musical advice, the rough edges but also - those small details which bring music to life, although which could not be perceived.

Because of this, there's not as much impact that is dynamic expects to listen to from tracks that are recognizable, nor is there rather energy and the rhythmic precision. Bass is not absent although not consistently very well incorporated with the remaining frequency band, while high treble looks a bit closed.

At best, the sound is fine, however in the form of manner that is unthreatening which makes for excellent background music but hifi that is unsatisfactory.

It is a nicely turned out merchandise with great characteristics, but nonetheless, it simply does not appear as one would want to do the music thing.

Pioneer A-A9 MK2 Amplifier photo