Musical Fidelity M1 HPAP Headphone Amplifier

It was crucial with moving-coil 'telephones, lest the sound came out way too loud.

The previous ten or fifteen years have brought new headset to marketplace which are both challenging and exceptionally showing to operate a vehicle. Headphone listening tends to be needing; you get a lot of aspect, but additionally hear fault or the tiniest defect. The tiniest little bit of hiss or hum is often rather clear. In addition, the trailing of the volume control must be super-precise, particularly at low levels, otherwise another may be faded down before by one station.

Musical Fidelity's Antony Michaelson often uses them for essential/recreational listening and is a lifelong lover of cans.

It was this fire for cans that initially led him to create a modest pure Class A power amp made specifically to drive headphones. He was pleased with the effect he chose to put in a headphone amp to his variety of products. A streamlined high quality amplifier with short signal paths and great power supply should provide enhanced fine detail, clean sound and broader dynamics.

These qualities encapsulate the powers of the Ml HPAP.

Obviously, committed headphone amps are something of a market merchandise; since many don't listen to headphones in the home, their allure is restricted. Fortunately, the HPAP has something to offer. It performs as a line level preamplifier. This established a tad inelegant. So, after HPAs were furnished with some output outlets allowing connection to your power amp. If need be, your power amplifier is driven by another output signal.

The HPAP is -made and attractively finished. The refined metal casework exudes a classy look that is understated, as well as the controls work smoothly and crisply.

Sound quality

To my ears, the quality of sound of the HPAP asks comparison with preamps costing five or even more times its moderate GBP499 asking price. It gives a flavor of high end for money that is stupid. That makes it worth purchasing, even in the event cans aren't owned by you, and never think to purchase a set. Yet, in an affordable cost, outstanding results is possible using a great set of headphones, as well as a committed amplifier of HPAP calibre. In comparison with the quality of sound you could get from an average amplifier (with its headphone outlet padded down in the loudspeaker output signal), the HPAP sounds cleaner and much more purposeful, with greater immediacy as well as a broader dynamic range. Bass is quite commanded, clean and strong. The outcomes are prompt, clear and comprehensive.

With all but the most wasteful cans, the HPA will generate reasonably high sound pressure levels and has power to save.

The sound was not soft, although not uncomfortably so.

The noise levels of the HDAP are low, no matter degree setting, as well as the left/right trailing of the volume control is outstanding even. The HPAP has some limitations - you have only two sets of line input signals. It seems concentrated and really clean, with a broad dynamic range as well as great detail.

It is possible to tell that sign routes are extremely short using the HPAP; there is a clear, clean, direct quality regarding the sound that's unmistakeable. The musical presentation is brilliantly concentrated, with fantastic attack and excellent immediacy. The HPAP needs no explanations making for it, and weaves its charm - it is not that bad.

It allows you to sit up and listen, and really captures your attention. There is a holographic quality regarding the sound which makes instruments and voices job with remarkable dimensionality in the loudspeaker cartons.

Using earphones, I believed the CP-800 and HPAP seemed really close - with perhaps a little nod to the latter when it comes to top-end a richer, fuller bass as well as cleanness. But it turned out to be a close call; the two seemed similar. Clearly, larger more expensive preamps like the CP-800 are vastly versatile, offering extras outputs, built-in DACs, remote control, etc.

Yet, leaving aside constraints and the constraints of the HPA5 it is quite competitive when it comes to sound quality. Partner it with the superb small Ml PWR power amp of MF, and you have a wonderful mixture in a cost that is very affordable. Put in another Ml PWR power amp, and sonic performance enhances still further, developing an actual giant killer of an amplifier in an unusually wallet-friendly price. Without realizing anything like as great a sound you can pay a whole lot more.


For anyone serious about 'telephones, the Ml HPAP of Musical Fidelity is well worth a listen. It is a moderately-priced, high quality piece of clothing that provides outstandingly great effects from a tiny, tidy package. The demo can appeal to those that go to get a dynamic in-depth type of sound that's tons of existence, and is clear and instant. The HPAP seems really clean although fairly brilliant.

Select your headset sensibly, and you will possess a bundle that matches the sonic performance of amplifiers and big high-priced loudspeakers in a portion of the cost. And the HPAP provides results that are equally great when used as a line level preamplifier. You may need to cover to its sonic performance that is substantially improved over five times the HPAP's asking price. If this is not worth,

I do not understand what's!

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