Musical Fidelity M1 CLiC Network player

What's the CLiC? To describe this as a streamer, or an electronic preamp, doesn't do it complete justice. Easier to think of this as a component which chooses music files from various sources, and internet radio - including wireless and wired networks and data stores, Red Book CD players as well as analogue.

All that is needed to make use of the CLiC using a computer network is an item of software called a media server. Download and install the server software on Mac or your personal computer - Twonky is recommended by Musical Fidelity - add some music downloaded in the net or ripped from your own CDs and you are prepared.

To connect to your wireless network, simply turn on and wait 15 seconds for the screen to reveal a menu list. Pick 'Media Server' as well as the colour display reveals your wireless network's name. Input your wireless security password also the CLiC remembers it. From now on just choose your Media Server in the menu using the button that is OK as well as the CLiC connects to your own computer-stored music group.

It is possible to stop up the CLiC into your router via an Ethernet cable, that no password is demanded in the event that do not have any wireless system. Select Internet Radio from lists and podcasts, and the initial menu appear. USB DAC the S/PDIF and analogue sources are chosen in the Inputs menu.

Any network player drops and stands from the caliber of its DAC. The one is MF's M1, therefore the prospects seemed great. Hooked as much as a CD player through the coaxial S/PDIF input signal, and therefore utilized as a DAC that is pure, with no networking or web streaming, the CLiC was remarkable. A new, open sound was created by the DAC, with business, wellformed bass and sharp treble that was lengthy.

Was there a huge difference with all the CD ripped and saved on a notebook, in uncompressed WAV format? Perhaps the S/PDIF seemed a tad clearer and more tidy, but any differences disappeared into insignificance when the CLiC was hardwired to the network. The wired network as well as the front panel USB outlet in a nutshell, S/PDIF CD replay, while seeming considerably much better than many standalone CD players, itself.


The CLiC is a critical merchandise, that will bring high quality digital music streaming to many more audiophile houses, in addition to, as well as replacing CD replay. It's not merely a DAC that is brilliant, but forms the very heart of an audio system, using the colour display a window on an entirely new world.

Musical Fidelity M1 CLiC Network player photo