Sony XA5400ES CD-player

Most of the SACD players we have seen lately have been stereo-only machines and, actually, this one just has stereo output signals in the analogue domain name. Sony has assembled in a HDMI output, nevertheless, which may carry high resolution, multi-station digits to a multichannel receiver that was suitable for example Sony's fitting STR-DA5400ES. For the aims of the review we treated the XA5400 but this is one of quite few such options now available, if you're a multichannel fan.

Sound-only circuitry isn't significantly different from that in the CD-players. Dual R-core mains rich and transformers regulators look following the power supply.


This kind of great impression is made by some sound kit in a few places that, for its operation that is confident, a lot of listeners elsewhere might be hardly noticeable. That looks like the situation here.

Clearly, musical works that rely greatly on bass is going to be at something of even and a disadvantage for our most midrange-conscious listener. There is still plenty to enjoy about it, including quite fine clarity on the vocals, but having less drive from the (superb) percussion section set the Sony's variant supporting the group average. Our classical track for piano and voice was believed quite successful, with a lot of acoustic cues and especially realistic piano sound.

Total orchestra again revealed a slight dearth of bass extension, but what is the entire equilibrium is great as well as there is well controlled. Probably the fine element here isn't quite the finest of the group, but it is definitely in the top half. High treble in almost any music looks only a touch shut in, but while that is not undetectable in rapidfire comparisons with other players, we discovered that over a span that is long it is not bothersome - definitely a moderate effect

We also attempted a few SACDs and believed this player is very successful using the high-res cds.

Sony XA5400ES CD-player photo