Densen B-420XS CD-player

In lots of regards Densen is the response to Naim in Denmark; attribute counting is eschewed by it, but provides electricity supplies that are upgradeable on emphasises and its amplifiers that audio components ought to be all about loving the music. We could not agree more with that thought, so the question is; does this latest variant of the midrange player of the firm supply amusement that is enough to justify its asking price?

One variable that in regards to cost, you must contemplate is he distant handset. The Gizmo, as its dubbed, adds £150 to the price of the player isn't a minor thought. It's not ugly, but a plastic 'freebie' could be equally as practical in this very day and age.

The player is hewn out of aluminium slabs, rather sharp-edged ones at the styling as well as that is extremely smart in a minimalist Scandi-fashion.

The XS suffix signifies that it is a replacement for the B420 using the key changes being the inclusion of the option as well as an electronic input signal to add one of the outside NRG electricity supplies of Densen.

Needless to say it 'goes big' on components and supply regulation quality.

Sound quality

Much like its Salisbury-based counterpart, Densen parts possess a sound all their very own.

The problem of assault is what causes the polarised reaction to them and actually separates Densen parts.

Our panellists did not react favorably in our sighted, listening evaluations, but you can not deny that this player does what it says on the can; music should be enjoyable.

If you aren't overly concerned with imaging qualities and can listen through the equilibrium, this can be a truly airguitar- player that is inspiring and that can not be a terrible thing.

Densen goes to great lengths to create high quality parts and makes first class casework for the Gizmo remote as well as the two parts. This goes a ways to spell out the price of the player as well as for people having a penchant for rock, the B420XS is worth auditioning.

Densen B-420XS CD-player photo