Boston Acoustics A250 Floor standing speakers

From the entry level variety of the firm comes this two way floorstander whole with double 133mm DCD (ceramic/ glass fibre polymer coned) a 25mm Kortec soft dome tweeter and drivers. It feels astonishingly strong considering its diminutive measurements, and features extensive internal bracing. Complete finish is great, having a white gloss lacquer that is very appealing.

The Bostons feature of supporting themselves, with two back spiked column feet pushing from behind the cupboard, a fascinating manner. This provides a more secure basis than if the loudspeakers just had spikes underneath; it is a problem for little footprint column loudspeakers, when they get a whack from a kid, by way of example, which may topple readily.

Sound quality

A tasteful small and astonishingly smooth loudspeaker. Extreme's Favorable Views - a crepitate slab of nineties drum and bass sounded even open and musical, with a tuneful and easy bass for floorstanders modest. A serious attempt was made by the A250s to convey what notes the bass guitar synth was playing, as opposed to simply alert you to its existence.

Group is described as 'enjoyable' - not especially clear, however there was enough going to pull me to the music.

It incorporated the low frequencies and very well, and that i came across that -despite the comparative lack of sting - percussion bounced along rhythmically. Imaging was quite great really, the loudspeakers vanishing into my largish listening room with comparatively little fuss over positioning.

High frequencies were adequate although not special. This additionally lead the Nine Feet Underground of Caravan to seem a little sedate; usually the track (via the CD that is soso remaster) lunges out in the listener, but here it lost a number of its own urgency.

Despite the tonal equilibrium that is typically warm, the A250 was more than convincing - the tempo of the music appeared to lollop in a measured but tremendously satisfying manner. Really, I adored the Bostons did not push the on the listener or the music, and simply got on with having some fun.

The speakers're noninvasive or uncouth, preferring just to provide a smooth, creamy view. This sweet, forgiving nature is ideal.

Not the kind of loudspeaker you had put on the end of a system that was expensive afterward, but undoubtedly one purposed for a real world sound that was practical.

Boston Acoustics A250 Floor standing speakers photo