KEF Q700 Floor standing speakers

KEF found the R Series to commemorate the event and observed its 50th anniversary a year ago.

The Q700 is the penultimate floorstander in a thickly packed variety that begins at GBP 380 and contains several home cinema versions, as well as three floorstanders in its rankings.

A conventional tweeter's lack is described by the Uniq chief driver, which includes a tweeter at its center in a coaxial organization that KEF is refining for sometime. This reached its apex in the Blade version that was beautiful a year ago, which is the main of KEF.

In addition, it has Z-flex encompasses that are utterly unlike other motorist instead have a crinkled look that makes for a considerably more level environment that's supposed to enhance dispersion, although encompasses because they aren't rolled.

The thinking is that a barrier that stops specific frequencies from escaping equally in the boundary of the unit is made by a roll environment. The complete notion using the Uniq is coherent, because mid and treble have exactly the same acoustic center and that dispersion and therefore imaging is even, and evenness is an integral element of this. The bass driver has a big 50mm voice coil, which gives it the kind of power handling that home cinema enthusiasts may have problem shoving into distortion!

The Q700 is an amazing loudspeaker, thanks as well as an adequate size of almost a metre when its bolted to two outriggers that improve stability and enlarge the footprint. They have been designed so that the provided spikes may be fixed without needing to lift the loudspeaker in any way let alone one.

This is made up of nickel-coated connector that is brought into functioning when there is a small knob twisted to the cupboard; unscrew it as well as the two halves of the loudspeaker may be driven. The crossover is a first sequence for that reason quite clear-cut, and kind, which often bodes well for time and dynamics.

The cupboards are finished in a recycled wood fibre established finish that is neither genuine veneer nor vinyl, but something between that is more sound. It comes in English cherry, black oak or European walnut protections and seems quite smart. Inside, KEF has used to be able to minimise cabinet resonance in the sound band, its maze internal bracing.

Sound Quality

Listening commenced with about 60cm sitting to the area, toed-in to face the listener.

Electricity was provided sign by a NaimUniti and with a Leema Tucana incorporated. The sound did not escape from the cartons very nicely, and imaging lacked depth. Top and the mid additionally sounded to the edgy side, and so I attempted a source that was more complex in the shape user of my Resolution Audio Cantata,!

Modern content in the shape of Feist's record Metals revealed the speaker's prodigious bottom ending, while the midrange had a brilliantly lit quality which prompted me, which can be very strong although not especially refined the placement more. So that the KEFs fired directly to the area without toe in, transferring it also improved picture scale a great deal, and helped to smooth them outside. The better the record, the larger the ensuing soundstage was, which indicates this loudspeaker is extremely revealing of recording quality.

Really, maybe it is too revealing contemplating its price point; this loudspeaker definitely does not tolerate fair records, sources and/or amplifiers happily...

Using a 24-bit/48kHz download Samuel Yirga from the Society of Sound of B&W, the loudspeaker made the the majority of the texture and did things that were likewise alluring and saxophone. The grade of the record was easily evident also, being much more dynamic and clearer than normal.

A Haydn piece from Norwegian label 2L that was hires additionally seemed jaunty and vivacious if it failed to quite reach its full scale. But this piece is recorded and definitely functioned quite better than ancient content when it comes to musical booking generally does.

Just one amplifier actually appeared to gel that was a Rega Mira3 and when it came to timing on the other side of the group. This small incorporated has an extremely energetic and cheerful sound that managed to produce enough energy in the bass to provide the tempo and dynamics accessible to it farther up the group. It was the sole one of four amps that handled this trick, but it was worth the attempt came alive and the gear could be eventually forgotten by you also and simply take pleasure in the music.


The brand new KEF Q700 is loudspeaker is really capable of amusing results using the partnering gear that is appropriate - in many regards it's special in the cost when it comes to physicality and the power it provides. Howevei, after an extensive investigation, I nonetheless found it very hard to discover an amplifier that suited it in all regards. The Rega has the energy it must enliven the bass, but established a tad overly ragged through the group to he a secure listen. So while it is a most notable performer that is total, it could possibly be difficult to optimise in 'real world' states.

Fit it using a purified amplifier with bass handle that is serious, yet, and you will find this to be among the finest standmounters in the cost. As a result, it might be wise in the event you possibly can to find out an audition along with your personal amplifier.

KEF Q700 Floor standing speakers photo