KEF Q300 Bookshelf speakers

This improves imaging, creating an even audio and more exact image free from stage anomalies, assisted with a unique 'tangerine' waveguide.

The Q300's size is a reasonable 355mm high, 210mm wide and 302mm deep, weighing 7.7kg each bit. They are fitted with gold plated bi-wire terminals at the rear that accept bare cables, as well as 4mm plugs.

The Q300 loudspeakers are offered in real wood veneers that are polished, available in English Cherry, Black Oak and European Walnut.


Nigel Kennedy's rendition of Vivaldi's 'Springtime' played through the KEF Q300s was brilliantly detailed and displayed a beautiful midrange, which was a joy. 'Spring' hosts acoustic guitar and violin; both sounded enjoyable and sparkly, creating a presence that is very satisfying in the Q300s.

The vocal in Adele's 'Rolling in The Deep' confirmed accurate tones shown by soft piano keys, together with an excellent midrange with powerful vocal projection.

The Q300s produce a substantial soundstage, accommodating the full orchestral ensemble in 'Springtime' with depth and feeling, giving treble space to shine. Cymbals in The Deep' in 'Rolling sounded brassy, and detail was carried clearly by the aluminium tweeter cone of the Q300; it creates crisp treble.

The low end reveals good control and screens power. The bass is communicated below the Usher S520s, with heat and weight, but better in relation to the Avianos for bass power.

The Q300s have an open and restricted sound projection and sound that is great and equilibrium over all frequencies. They do nevertheless have slight bass laterality but this is managed nicely.

KEF Q300 Bookshelf speakers photo